FSR presents 峠Legend of the Streets x Wangan Masters湾岸 |Discord Link in OP|

Dominican Republic
The Bronx/Atlanta
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FSR's main base of operations is on Discord, it is where you'll find our most active members engaging in conversation and sharing information.
GTPlanet will always be our home.

We currently have a Seasonal Ladder going on for GT6 (details below) and will be transitioning to Sport as more of our members get the game.

Until we figure out the new game sufficiently, our Touge and Wangan regulations/classes are subject to change without notice.
  • N300, Comfort: Soft
  • N500, Sports: Hard
  • N800, Sportd: Soft
FSR Features
- Ranked 1v1 battles any time!
- Seasonal Ladder
- Bracket Tournaments,
- Time Attack
- Street Tires (Sports: Hard and lower)
- Tire wear management
- Full Damage
- No Driving Aids (only ABS allowed)

What is Federation of Street Racers?
FSR is a community project to bring together street racers of all disciplines into our family and some good old fashioned good driving

What is Legend of the Streets?

Inspired by Initial D Arcade Stage, L.O.T.S. was founded on July 1st, 2011 by TimberW on Gran Turismo 5 and adopts the name and some concepts from the game.

What is Wangan Masters Tournament?
WMT is inspired by the Wangan Midnight anime and games. Founded on December 7th, 2011 by SolidSnake7735.

GT6 Season 15 of Legend of the Streets Core Series is now live for signup.
October 2nd - November 12th, 2017
Click this link and fill out the form to sign up for GT6 Season 15.

Leaderboards: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AkaXr9h53q5IiY522gNdItUXP_BxAw

FSR Council

These are the people who make this club possible.
- @SolidSnake7735 (Councilor, Thread Manager)
- @Winters Noble (Coulcilor)
- @787bcgr (Councilor)
- @JakeMR2 (Counsilor)
- @Slender_Man (Councilor, Touge legend)
- @Nesmo901 (Councilor)

FAQ's and Read ME's:

The Hotlist READ ME ! ! (GT6)
LotS Rules and Glossary
L.O.T.S. History, Past Events and Winners
L.O.T.S. Master Hotlist Rankings (GT6)
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