Full FIA-Certified GT Sport Nations Cup Schedule Revealed: Round 1 Starts March 23

Which actually could not be more different if they tried, as Quebec uses Civil Law, where as Australia uses Common Law...

  • in the ACT, if the marketing of the promotion takes place online only (that is, there is no promotion “above the line”, for example, on television or radio) and it is not hosted from the ACT, no permit is required under ACT law.
- Why do Canadian contests often exclude Quebec? Because Quebec has some unique rules and regulations when it comes to raffles and contests. In addition, when you organize a contest in Quebec, you must pay applicable fees.

Draws, Lotteries and Fundraising Events

For draws, lotteries and fundraising events, you need to pay the equivalent of 6 % of the total value of prizes offered to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.

Contest for Advertising Purposes

When it comes to a contest for advertising purposes, here are the fees the most be paid:

  • Contest targeting Quebec participants only: 10 % of the value of the prizes offered.
  • Contest targeting a group of participants from Canada exclusively, when it involves participants from Quebec: 3 % of the value of the prizes offered
  • Any other group of participants that may include participants from Quebec: 0.5 % of the value of the prizes offered.
7. Pay A Security Deposit
The Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux requires a security deposit from the advertising contest’s organizer in the following circumstances:

    • The value of the prizes offered to Quebec residents exceeds $5,000.
    • The total value of the prizes offered to Quebec residents is of $20,000 or more.
    • The organizer does not have a headquarters nor any offices in Quebec.
    • The organizer has been declared guilty of an infraction or was found to have violated the regulations relating to such activities in the year preceding the launch of the contest.
Quebec rules changes in 2016 to allow eSport freely as it require skills to win something in eSport it's no more under Loto-Quebec and other weird regulations, no deposit to cover price blablable, all those comments are out dated and obsolete since 2016, come on guys stop spreading false information.

Worse, some are just doing Québec bashing for fun.. come on, we all have one common thing together, passion of sim racing, ca you please give us some support instead of spreading political garbages.
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