Full Setup - Thrustmaster TX, T3PA PRO w/ LC Mod, TSS Handbrake, & Cockpit for Xbox One/PCSold 

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United States
United States
Openwheeler GEN2 cockpit with seat lift kit spacer add-on

Thrustmaster TX Servo Base (PC/Xbox One)

Thrustmaster SPARCO R383 Alcantara Rally Rim (I used gloves 100% of the time so it’s in perfect condition)

Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals with custom load cell brake mod

I will include a full array of spare bushings and parts and you can customize the pedal travel/feel however you like. I’ll do my best to support you in adjusting the brake pedal if needed, although it is pretty straight forward. It has worked flawlessly for me for over a year without any maintenance at all. Of course, you could revert it back to the native potentiometer by simply reconnecting the potentiometer wires if you wanted. The design is basically a rip-off of the Fanatec ClubSport V3 brake pedal load cell design.

Thrustmaster Sparco TSS+ Handbrake/Sequential Shifter (PC/Xbox One)

All the cables, hardware, and spare parts that came with everything is included

Retail Cost:

OpenWheeler Gen2 cockpit $380

Thrustmaster TX Servo Base $260

SPARCO R383 Rally Rim $210

T3PA Pro Pedals $170

Load Cell Brake Mod Materials $200

SPARCO TSS+ Handbrake/Shifter $280


Total Retail Cost New $1,500

Asking $800 / OBO and I’ll throw in a like-new condition Thrustmaster 28cm GT Leather Edition wheel rim. Please message with inquiries/questions.

I finally cracked and blew a small fortune on a Fanatec DD1 direct drive base and all the peripherals and a new 8020 cockpit, so I no longer need any of my Thrustmaster stuff or the OpenWheeler cockpit, everything functions perfectly, no issues whatsoever. FYI - I'm located in the Los Angeles area.


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