Funny/Strange News Stories

“While we were out for the first practice, someone's come into our pit in a grey or black hoodie and has stolen a set of rear uprights that were ready to go into Zane's car,” said AIM team boss Andre Morse.

“Therefore we won't be doing this session and we don't know if we'll be doing the weekend at this point in time.

“So, we need the parts, we're offering a reward.

“We've been up and down the back of the pits, speaking to everyone in the campsite, everyone's keeping an eye out, but without those rear uprights, we don't know if we'll make the grid tomorrow.

“The security guards apparently saw them walking off with a black box with a red lid, which actually had the uprights in it.”
Something something lottery ticket etc.

Man's miraculous near-miss from runaway saw blade

Security footage has captured one man's remarkably lucky escape after a huge concrete saw blade flew through a car park and lodged itself in a building he had entered just seconds earlier.

The man walked into a convenience store in Eugene, in the US state of Oregon, unaware moments later a blade would come loose from a nearby construction site.

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That might've been as close to a Final Destination moment as I have ever seen.
adidas bans customisation of its new Germany kits for... some reason.

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Not having access to the article, I'm assuming this is more about the mass influx of traffic disrupting local services and not some apocalyptic biblical end of the world lunacy, although I guess with Sanders it could go either way.

[EDIT] Looks like this has been confirmed on the America thread.
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Niagara Falls, Ontario declared a state of emergency last week. They are expecting well over a million people today. That town absolutely cannot handle that many.
If people are so keen to see the sun blocked out, they should come to Glasgow.
We are due to get a partial eclipse of about 3% at about 7.52pm. ...the sun is due to set at 7.55pm today :rolleyes:

- It's also about 95% cloud cover right now, so i'm not expecting to be amazed by the spectacle.

Edit - just double checked and i think i'm just too far east to see anything. :irked::cool:
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* quietly taps foot out of time with the music so as to not be defenestrated *