G27 on GTS PS4 with Maxrace F1 V6 No Longer Works

  • Thread starter zangoku
So I've been using a Maxrace F1 V6 adaptor with a Logitech G27 ever since the game came out. I have not played in a while and now I can't get it to work with Gran Turismo Sport. If it is plugged when I boot up the PS4, it does work in the menu until I launch GT. Once in the game, the adaptor display either 1 or F instead of the usual F - 1 and stops working. Restarting the PS4 does not work, neither does unplugging/replugging it in the game or PS4 menu. I also tried rewriting the firmware to it or using an older version. There has been a PS4 and a GT Sport update since I last played. Does anyone have a clue on getting it working again or is experiencing the same issues?