G27 paddle shifter don’t register in Assetto (PC)

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After finally convincing a friend to buy Assetto Corsa he is having trouble getting the paddle shifters to register in game. He hasn’t tried racing games since Grand Prix Legends and I told him Assetto Corsa would be a good one to buy. So he was excited to try it.

Everything works except for the paddle shifters and he said driving auto is no fun. Any suggestions ?

Windows 10
The wheel and shifters work fine in GPL

(sorry for starting a thread but I wasn’t sure where else I could ask)
United States
Which cars is this happening, or is it all of them? One thought is if he has the h-gate shifter hooked up and mapped and the car he's trying to drive has h-gate shifter in real-life the game will force you to use that shifter. To get around this just create a new wheel profile, run the setup wizard and map the paddle shifters but skip the last part where you map the h-gate shifter, save the profile with a name like "no h-gate" or something like that and just select it whenever you want to use paddles on a car that doesn't have flappy paddles.