G27 - Wheel lock issue

Hello friends, thank you in advance for your attention.

I have Project Cars running on a 64-bit Windows 7, using a Logitech G27 to drive.

The background:
Every car in Project Cars or any other game has its own wheel steering span (340º, 540º, 720º, 900º) from lock to lock. And I know that the G27 wheel gives you the ability to choose a custom wheel lock setting, using its strong FFB system.

My problem:
I simply can't find a way to lock the "degrees of rotation" configuration on my G27, even using the Logitech Profiler. For example, if I want to drive karts, which use the ~360º wheel steering config, my "real" G27 will go 900º. no matter what I do; in this case, I'd like to lock the wheel at ~360º. so my physical (real-world) wheel won't go any further.

It seems I had this feature on my G27, but now it doesn't work anymore.
FFB works perfectly in game, by the way.

Hope to see some light here friends :(

Thank you,

sounds like it's some kind of setting problem,have you tried unchecking "allow game to adjust settings" in the profiler? for specific game setting if not try for global settings.