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I have a g27 that I bought from a friend years back and it worked perfectly. Sadly, it sat for the longest time due to not much room for it in my gaming area in my apartment. I just moved out and got a place that works perfectly for my setup, but for the strangest reason that I cannot find an answer too is my Logitech G27 Racing wheel won't turn on. I've wiped and cleaned all the dust away from all surfaces. If anyone could help point me in the right direction on why my wheel is doing this after sitting for so long.

Here is a list of things I've done to address the issue:
-Reinstalled Logitech Software
-Reinstalled Logitech Profiler
-Replaced Two AC Cords (No effect)

Every forum post and video I have found has not been my issue or has the means to fix it.
Every port works on my computer and my electrical sockets are testing fine.
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I'm afraid I can't help fix the issue, but let's clarify this for someone who can.

What exactly do you mean by "won't turn on?" Do you mean "technically turns on and just isn't recognized," "plugs in and is recognized but has no FFB," or "does not turn on at all and is not recognized?" Racing wheels are strange like that.
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It isn't recognized, no light on the shifter, no self calibration. I should of stated these in my post but it acts like it isn't plugged in.


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It sounds like your wheel isn't getting an initialisation signal via its USB connection, so even though it might have power it fails to calibrate etc.

I think I'd concentrate in this area and check the plug, the cable and try it in different ports.

Is it the same computer that you had it working on previously?
Hi Cnelly,

Maybe you could try to clean the USB connector / contact pins with WD40 or isopropyl alcohol… I usually would use a tweezer to wipe it with cotton swabs after applying the above but do it gently…

Hope this helps!
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