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    ok peeps just like to say id like some better gameplay on GT5 because to be honest the gameplay from 2,3 and 4 was useless there was no competition because cars wer overpowered or the difficulty of the game was too low.. but i hope in GT5 that will change...

    in GT4 that was useless... too easy to start off except the licence tests(too many) and then every competition was too easy cars were only slightly tuned and then you get to a point from using a 350hp road car to switch to a 900hp racecar just for specific races...there is only 2 levels of playing easy(350hp road car) or really difficult (900hp race car) and so you had to save up 4.5 mill to get a decent racecar which is really annoying :grumpy:

    but id like to see a more structured gameplay.

    like on GT3 on hard section the car were tuned... which gave some half decent challanges... so on 5 id like to see a rookie section(stock) novice section(stage1 tuned) racer section(stage2) and expert racer(fully tuned/racecars)

    and the amount of cars lowered.. GT4 half the cars you cant use...and theres no need for others and so the was a need for 12/15 cars on it were as id like to see a wider range of cars to 'NEED' to use. So there should be a wider range of races to suit...

    and as for circuits..i'd like to to see the grindelwald and string complex raceway as they are good well as the old favourites... trials mountain.. midfield..and test course (but shortened slightly)

    Oh and instead of a roof cam make the view just on the hood but right back...or just a cockpit view:idea:

    any ways this is my wish lol:sly:
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