Games of a Generation PlayStation Sale Offers Big Discounts on Racing Games


The queen of Inazuma has arrived at last!
Dundee, Scotland
Have to say there wasn't much in this sale that I don't already own, I got more out of the Big in Japan sale which is still ongoing
until next week but I would have snapped a couple of these up otherwise.

I paid full price for F1 2020 but it's one of the few games I've purchased this year that I have spent a lot of time playing so well worth the money
if you like F1.
United States
Puget Sound
I picked up F1 2020 last month when xbox had their sale, and I've really been enjoying the team ownership aspect of the game.
I'd really like to buy TT 2 but they're still asking too much. :confused:

I paid £20 for a disc version of the original last year.

Let's just say I had to sell it because I'd become so obsessed with the TT course that I'd stopped playing any other games.

I had hundreds of offs but when you manage it the rush of nailing a lap around a 37 mile circuit is something else!

Then you realise you can do a section or two faster so then you have to nail that section AND also the rest of the long, long circuit. It can take all day or longer just to get to a lap you're happy with because you can only do 3/4 laps an hour.

It's a never-ending goal to keep going faster and faster. If you love the TT it's an awesome game.