Gameshark vs. Sharkport which to buy?

Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by phreakypat, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. phreakypat


    I hear in Gameshark you punch in codes. In Sharkport you download codes via USB cable. Which one do you think is better?
    Actually, which do you think is much better in the long run if you want to modify stuff yourself? Do I need to know any assembly
    to do the hybrid editor?
  2. boombexus

    boombexus Staff Emeritus

    Go with the shark port!
  3. alex_gt


    Don't buy either?, your only cheating youself..... :D

    I know loads of the Cheat Port fans won't like that, but it is cheating...
  4. ethanol


    Well, the Sharkport does let you download codes, but from what I gather, you require a gameshark to use those codes.

    Now, I don't own a gameshark, so a good percentage of this post may just be BS that I've made up in my head, but, from what I gather, you can download the codes using the Sharkport, save 'em to the gameshark so you can just select the codes you want to use when when you load your game up (or something like that). As I say, I don't own the GameShark, so I can't tell ya for sure.

    I did buy a SharkPort though... Definately worth the purchase. My gf has a habit of just shutting off the PS2 when it's saving something causing nothing but problems (lost saves) so it's good to have a backup on PC.

    Now, I only ever play GT3 against friends, so I just go download a save online that has all the cars and all the tracks unlocked so we can tune 'em up as we'd like and get racin'.
  5. Der Alta

    Der Alta Staff Emeritus

    I'd vote towards the sharkport. It allows access to so much more. The gameshark codes become somewhat useless as you can simply download what you need as a gamesave instead of having to spend hours typing it into the gameshark.

    THe sharkport also allows you to back-up and load gamesaves to the net.

    I own both. Well, used to...I gave the gameshark away 2+ months ago.

  6. Sk8rKiD


    Either way takes the fun and challenge out of the game.
  7. skynyrd


    Ok, you people complaining about it, don't bother answering on threads like this, ok? You're not bringing anything constructive to it. And it's only cheating if you're doing it to "beat the game." And even then it's no different from using the F1s to win non F1 races or using the Escudo to win normal races in GT2 :rolleyes:

    Now back to the subject of this thread, I suggest you get a Sharkport first, as you can do hybrid stuff much more easily with that than you can with a gameshark. Then, when you can you should get a gameshark later on for other stuff you might want to do with the game, like tire wear codes, all golds on license, etc.
  8. Evolution Racer

    Evolution Racer

    I have a sharkport and I got much more than I expected. Like the Diablo and a hybrid porsche with over 2000 HP. as well as other cars that can go over 300 MPH. Also, if you dont like the saved game, just transfer the cars you want onto your own game. You just need 2 memory cards to do it.
  9. MazKid

    MazKid Staff Emeritus

    For hybrids, it's Sharkport all the way!

    You can also get gamesaves and stuff through sharkport...

    if you are wanting to type in codes, then get Code works with all gameshark codes and is a lot better...
  10. Acid X

    Acid X

    United States
    Sharkport! Sharkport!

    Get one.
  11. skynyrd


    Yeah, like MazKid said, a codebreaker is better than a gameshark, at least for the PS2. Also, I meant codebreaker in my post earlier, not gameshark. I'm just used to saying Gameshark :p

    Anyway, you should really get both. But get the sharkport first.
  12. phreakypat


    Thanks for the responses!
    Even though according to you the sharkport to Game Shark opinion ratio is 1 million to 1 I decided to put off my Shark Port purchase till next week. So instead I decided to go with the PS2 Code Breaker, version 4.
    I gotta say the pre loaded CD with the S License test 8 code really pleased me. So now I can get the remaining cars.
    But here the hole in the wall about Code Breaker.
    It gets really confusing having to type in 100 characters of code just for one car only to find an hour later that it doesn't work.
    It gets really confusing like do if there two lines of code
    for the Engine do I put the 2 codes together in 2 separates lines in for one code or are they 2 seperate codes requiring 2 seperate Code names? Hmmm... I think that Shark Port USB thingy sounds
    pretty enticing.
    A lot of codes I've found through the net like this site for instance:
    Look under "Codes for hidden cars and cars that cannot be bought" just don't plain work. Yes, I even tried
    the Enable Code I got somewhere. Hmmm.... I must be doing something wrong. I don't know but after 9 hours of trying I pretty much give up on getting that Diablo. For you hybrider freaks out there, lotsa luck getting that
    F1 engine on your Skyline. LOL.
    On the other hand its pre loaded with a lot of pretty updated codes. Not just GT3, but other games like Grand Theft Auto 3.
    PS2 Code Breaker is also Game Shark compatible. I also don't seem to get any game freezes which is a really good thing.
    Basically, if your code doesn't work, the game is not booted up
    to prevent your PS2 from getting fried. That's pretty smart of Pelican I personally think.
    I'm still hoping for the day where I can speed down Test Course in my 5000 hp Diablo, but I guess that can wait till next week with my Shark Port purchase.
    For now I'm pretty happy with my Mazda 787 B and 10 trillion dollars.

  13. MazKid

    MazKid Staff Emeritus

    Too bad my PS2 won't play PS2 formatted stuff(won't play any blue or black discs, only plays DVD formatted games)or I'd be using my Sharkport now...I'm gonna send in my PS2 after I get back from vacation...
  14. skynyrd


    Ok then, here's some help for ya. You know that 787b you've got? Stick it in the top of your garage and save your game.

    Start the PS2 with the codebreaker, and enter these codes:

    Diablo Body:
    1C0413C8 00AE3F2F
    1C0413CC B3242CC2

    Diablo Car Base
    1C041350 58FA3545
    1C041354 76FD710B

    Diablo Color
    1C041358 1456EB7F
    1C04135C 1456E7A5

    Diablo Chassis
    1C041378 00AE3F2F
    1C04137C 893336C2


    Those put the body of the Diablo on the car in the top of your garage. In this case your 787b, as long as you moved it up there.

    Now, for the power:

    Speed 12 Engine (790 hp V12):
    1C041380 7DD67F1A
    1C041384 C12B85B7

    Alto Works Stage 3 Turbo (321% hp increase):
    1C0413F8 CBF4C30D
    1C0413FC EA5B4D7E

    Enter each group of codes seperately (enter engine, car base, car color, etc. all as different codes) Also, be sure to enter the code perfectly right or it won't work at all.

    There are quite a few really good sites around for this kind of thing, if you want some links just send me a private message and I'll send you some good ones.

    Also, the codes above will just make you a fast hybrid, not a good handling one. For that, you need more stuff, like F1 tires, downforce, the right chassis, etc. This one will be suitable for the Test Course.
  15. phreakypat


    Hmmm.... I tried those codes. I re checked them a million times to be sure they are right. And they don't simply work!
    I made sure for example the 2 lines for the diablo body for example are within the same category.

    Diablo Body:
    1C0413C8 00AE3F2F
    1C0413CC B3242CC2

    So yeah it pretty much looks like that. The cheat is called Diablo Body and I have the 2 codes one on top of the other.
    I did this for all the codes. I even tried turning some on and some off. I also used the Master Code to go along with it.
    I made sure my Mazda 787 B was on top of my garage in simulation mode by Hitting start on the controller and sorting out the garage by Name to get the 787 B on top, then I saved the game, did the codes. All I get is 2 screens first some kind of
    a Sony licensing screen then the SCEA screen then the screen is completely blank, nothing else loads up. I don't know. Its either I'm doing something wrong or this Code Breaker was a big mistake. I think I'm gonna definetly gonna get the Shark Port.
    Sure, I would be greatful if you can post some links with working examples of codes that would work with Code Breaker.
    Quick question do I have to have the Master Code from the pre loaded GT3 cheat section on for my codes to work?
  16. skynyrd


    Sounds like you need that master code to me, so I'd say yes, you do need it. What other codes are you using? If you are using a lot of other codes, it could be one of those. But I'm pretty sure the codes I posted are right.
  17. phreakypat


    So I tried the Master Code. Even the Game Shark Master Code.
    I even tried selecting just a few items. Still no luck. Even if
    those codes eventually work
    I decided I'm purchasing Shark Port Today.
    I would really like to use my Hard Drive Space for saving my stuff
  18. skynyrd


    Yeah, the sharkport is definately best for doing hybrids, but it's nice to have a gameshark/codebreaker around for everything else.