Gaming Drift Series (International Tournament)

Russian Federation
Hello guys, Im Nick - co-founder of Gaming Drift Series (GDS) Love drifting? Love sliding on GtSport? Then you are in right place! We are first ever Russian based drifters community on GTSport. We are organizing international seasonal tournaments and competitions with official judges from Russian Drift Series (RDS), interactive contests within the community with great prizes and constant Twitch streams, all of this is just a tip of the Iceberg! If think you have what it takes to be the best drifter on the international stage? Then keep up with the news and make sure you are registered for our season!
Round 1 has already past by, with 40 international drivers competing in 2 groups! If you want to join round 2 - please find the registration form down below!

Registration form for Round 2 of GDS:

Upcoming Events:
2nd round of GDS on June 9-10th on Autodrome Lago Maggiore East;
June 9th - qualification, June 10th - TOP32 tandems.

3ed round of GDS on July 7th-8th on Suzuka Circuit East (revers);
July 7th - qualification, July 8th - TOP32 tandems;

4th round of GDS on August 4-5th on Kyoto Driving Park - Miyabi;
August 4th - qualification, August 5th - TOP32 tandems;

5th round of GDS on September 1-2nd on Suzuka Circuit East (revers);
September 1st - qualification, September 2nd - TOP32 tandems.

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See you on track!
Russian Federation
Hello everyone! GDS is Back for Season 2! Season 1 had its ups and downs but mostly only positive sides, we completely overhauled Judging and overall organizing the event
Season 2 is 6 rounds and here is the schedule:
GDS Season 1 schedule

Round 1 at Lago Maggiore

Quali - Nov 10th

Top 32 - Nov 17th

Round 2 at Blue Moon Bay Speedway

Quali - Dec 8th

Top 32 - Dec 15th

Round 3 at RedBull Ring (short)

Quali - Jan 12th

Top 32 - Jan 19th

Round 4 at Kyoto Driving Park

Quali - Feb 9th

Top 32 - Feb 16th

Round 5 at Suzuka Circuit East

Quali - March 9th

Top 32 - March 16th

Round 6 at Circuit De La Sarthe

Quali - April 13th

Top 32 - April 20th

Round 6 at BB Raceway II

Quali - May 11th

Top 32 - May 18th

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See you on track!