Gara's Setup Guide

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I took up playing GT3 again to keep myself sharp for when GT4 comes. (yey)

Say you have a 1 ton car, with perfect balance. Each wheel has 250 KG's of weight on it.

Let's raise the ride hight so the car rolls when we corner. We go around a right hand corner, the car now has say... 125 KG to both wheels on the right hand side, and 750 KG's on the left hand side, this extra weight now allows for higher grip around the corner.

Then when coming out of the corner, and slaming on the power, the weight, like fluid, slides to the rear of the car. If you have soft springs, the car now looks like 100 KG's of weight on the front, 900 KG's on the rear wheels, allowing for lots of grip to the rear wheels when coming out of the corner. But 100 KG's of weight on the front will make you understeer, so we stiffen the rear and soften the front.

High Ride Hight On Front And Rear = extra grip around a corner
Soft Front / Hard Rear = Extra grip for powering out of the corner.

Spring Rate: Front Min / Rear Max
Ride Hight: Front Max / Rear Max
Damper bound: Front Min / Rear Max
Damper Rebound: Front Min / Rear Max
Camber: Front 3.0 / Rear 2.0
Toe: I don't know :(
Stabiliser: Front Min / Rear Max
Brakes: Front Max / Rear Max
LSD Initial: Front Min / Rear Max
LSD Acceleration: Front Min / Rear Max
LSD Decrease: Front Min / Rear Max
Gears: Try to get it so you hit max speed on the fastest part of the track, but also try to keep in your car's powerband.
Downforce: Front Max / Rear Max
AYC: Max
ASM: Off
TCS: I like it on 1, but some people like it on Off, set to how ever you like.
VCD: 30%

Any questions or ideas?
I don't want to say anything negative GARA, because I'm fairly sure that you weren't serious when you posted the above.

If you were, however, I can supply you with a basketload of links to various engineering and automotive tuning sites. Reading those might help you realise why there will be a thunderous slapping of foreheads in disbelief as people read the settings suite in post 1.
I think these settings would force the car to actually *create* a new kind of steering problem, heretofore unknown to automotive engineers. :lol: