Gauging interest for league or touge or sorta shuffle race(PC)


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United States
Hey there fellow GTPers. I recently fired up a server for the PC version of AC to get a league going with some friends. This is our second season and we just moved over from pCars2.
However, this is a once a week deal, and I'd like to get more usage out of my investment.
So, I have two ideas floating around my head. First is a LoTS style touge event to be ran using street cars and on a road course (car and track mods are welcome).
The second is just a casual track day. Between a set time I'll launch a track and car set, and basically it will be a time trial/impromptu race.
I already basically have the latter setup on the server. I am autolooping 5 tracks with 4 to 8 cars with 5 different weather patterns (you will need CM with Sol which comes as part of CM) set to 2 hour practice sessions.
This can actually work as a sort of half assed shuffle race where a group of similar cars can be added to a list and first come first served in car selection.
I am also open to setting up another league day as well since the server side software does the bulk of the hard work, such as time keeping and score tracking.
I am further open to some suggestions as well. So, if there's enough interest, we can get something started, or if you are interested in joining on when I get my friends league or the touge event started, let me know.