Getting the best out of career mode


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United Kingdom
I'm starting to spend time in career mode these days... as I can't leave the house! Does any one have any tips on how to approach them? To me it doesn't seem like racing, just applied overtaking.

Does the AI have strategy at all? Do they always run hard compounds or do they mix it up a bit? Are the AI opposition cars random?

Also, at what point do the AI cars start running liveries? for me I looks a bit silly in the replay when only one car has a livery lol.
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United Kingdom
If you want more of a challenge always run a stock car with the same, or harder compound, tyres than the AI competition.

Some events you can win with ease. There are a few however that require a near perfect run. Particularly more of the recently added DLC events like Super Formula.

For Endurance events you may feel you’re not closing on the leaders enough in the first 15-25 minutes. But once the pit stops start kicking in you’ll end up with a comfortable lead. So don’t quit and waste your time.

It is true to say the racing isn’t as engaging as the real thing. But I find it’s good to try out the many different car & track combos. When you have time on your hands it’s fun to chill out as an alternative to the intensity of online racing.

As an aside. The big money earning races are the 1979 ones. With a tuned up 330, XJ13 or MKIV you can earn 240k credits in 7-8 minutes.
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United Kingdom
always run a stock car with the same, or harder compound, tyres than the AI competition.

What compounds do they run? I can't find this info in the game.

once the pit stops start kicking in you’ll end up with a comfortable lead

Yea, but I thought they only pit when low on fuel, and fill to 100. (even when theres 2 laps to go lol)

cheers for the reply.


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Start a race then quit after 10-15 seconds. Run a replay and select the leaderboard. It shows you each cars compounds.
They all run the default tires the cars come with. SH for all road cars and RH for all Gr.1-2-3-X race cars. I don't even think the higher level road cars like N500 and above use SS tires. They all use SH and they're crap for it. Can't use the grip that the car actually has because the tire's grip level gives out too soon.
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AI use different liveries in the F1w08, SF19, MX-5 Cups, Hot Hatch races, GR.4 events(usually the WRX and Cayman have alt liveries), Real Circuit Tours, Wankel, Supra, Z races, JDM, Americas, Clio Cup, Porsche GT3 Endurance, to name a few.

If you haven't done so, complete the Driving School, Circuit Experience and Mission Challenges. If you have money to spend, the Lewis Hamilton TT is worth it. Caveat is skill level, as each TT is challenging to complete for Gold. Cr. Rewards are given for silver and bronze completion.

Other than that, setting a goal to build 1mil Cr. a day, is easy in Professional League. If you want variety:

Clean Race Bonus any GR.2 race 300,000
Clean Race Bonus any GR.1 race 330,000
Clean Race Bonus any F1 W08 race 360,000

or switch up any combination across all levels:

One race in Endurance, one in Professional, one in Amateur and one in Beginner.


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The only way I find it it tolerable is to use slower cars with sport or comfort tires if I can. It still only takes a race or two until I want to do something else though.