Getting Your Forza 1/2 Pics/Vids On Sites

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  1. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf

    This is but one of many ways that you can do this, it's how I do it. The reason that I am posting this way is because I use it and know what the results are like. In fact, you can CLICK HERE and look at some of my designs (Night Wolf) to see how this works out.

    1. You will need to purchuse a DVD recorder (got mine for under $100 US)
    With images you can simply record your slide show and then play it back
    on your PC and use the image capture (usually ctrl-I or ctrl-C) to save
    jpg images to your PC.

    With video you're going to need some more software (usually forund free
    on the net).

    2. You will need to get a vob (or whatever extention your DVD recorder saves
    in) to AVI (or mpeg, WMA, WMV, and so on) converter. This will convert
    the file on your DVD to a format that can be uploaded to youtube and
    other sites that allow video (I havent found one that handles vob yet).

    3. If you are going to need to do some editing (who doesn't) to get the file
    to a size that can be uploaded (with the exception of Megeaupload. most
    sites allow only 10MB - 200MB files), you will need a AVI (or whatever
    format you used) editor.

    4. Save your final movie and upload.

    CLICK HERE to see the FIRST vid I ever made this way.

    ***VIEWER WARNING: It's pretty LAME , but gives you the idea.