GMT/CET time, SS, PP limit, any road car, casual racers?

  • Thread starter Testdasi
I found many clubs here are based in the US and the time isn't very convenient for most working class people living in Europe. So I am just thinking maybe there will be some people interested in racing maybe weekly on Tuesday at 8pm GMT.

Only rules:
  • Clean racing (GTP online racing rules apply)
  • PP limit (decided by members, maybe 450 to start off).
  • Sports Soft
  • Any car (including RM, DLC, etc.) with any level of tuning to meet PP limit.
  • Any other rules, voted by members

It would be fun to see tuned down Enzo vs tuned up Schimwagen, instead of everybody racing Ferraris / NASCAR etc. all the time. I'm only a casual racer with limited skill (i.e. need driving aid on, probably will finish last in every race) and only looking for members who want to race for fun. Work is serious enough, games are meant to be fun.

If anyone know of a club with similar rules and in a similar time zone, really appreciate if you can let me know as well. It seems every non-super-serious clubs I see on here race at midnight GMT, too late for anyone who actually work for a living.