Going to buy new hard drive, will i be able to use my old GT5 savegame?

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Hi! My 40gb ps3 is running out of memory, so im thinking of buying a new hard drive! Will probably buy a 500 gb hard drive. Now to my question, will i be able to copy my gt5 savegame to the new HDD or will i not be able to use that savegame because its encrypted or something?

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So it i make a back up using my USB HDD, then insert the new HDD and then restore all data to the new HDD it should work? Have you done it yourself?
Yes, using the PS3 backup utility. That's the best way, rather than backing up just your save file. The game cache will transfer then, as well as any DLC you may have.
I've done this before with other games.

You plug in your usb drive and run the backup routine found somewhere in your XMB. Then you copy all your game saves across. Then just restore everything once your new hard drive is in.

I had to do mine, since my console glitched after an update. Lukcily the xmb was still available.
Cool! Will order one tomorrow then :)

I did this some months ago, upgraded to 250. Anyway, one thing that took me a while to figure out was getting the system to recognize the new drive. I recall having to format the drive and download and install the PS3 operating system. I believe you format in fat 32 and download software from Sony PS site.
I downloaded the software onto the same external USB drive I used to store and transfer the saved data.
I recall there being tons of article on numerous forums on how to do it. Just a heads up and good luck



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Make sure the new hard drive is formatted to FAT 32 or it will not work.
If you need to format windows 7 and vista will not format to fat 32.Go to this site and use this.


Were it says try it here is what you click on.Then click on the picture like it says and presto fat 32.Make sure you are formatting the right drive!👍