Gran Turismo 7: Latest news and discussion thread (March 2022)

Why are we soo desperate for new information? The game is AT LEAST one year away and there's no way Sony will give us more at this point in time. Stop hoping for a new trailer, we'll get it when we get it. "Oh but they released a trailer over a year ago so they have to follow it up! Why don't PD care about us? Why is Kaz living in a bubble? He's stuck in the 90's". Look I've had a go a Kaz too but I feel as though the anger is misguided and that's what grinds my gears about this whole thing. "Oh but Kaz is a serial liar!" Come on. The man has admitted that GT Sport wasn't the best idea and he seems keen to put that behind him and give us a proper GT game again. He has made the first step towards redemption and that's a positive. I know that many people have run out of trust and no longer want to give PD another chance; that's fine but I'm not losing hope or patience. GT means soo much to soo many people and Kaz gets that. Even if he doesn't tell his fanbase everyday. We see the passion in the old games and although it's diminished, the game still has it's distinct flavour. I've fallen out of love with GT Sport but I haven't fallen out of love for GT as a whole. I know PD will come through. They'll have to come through. They need to come through or the series will die out. I don't think Kaz will want that, he's put too much time and effort in.
I think a lot of it comes down to it's been four years since the last game released. Even if nothing had been said about GT7, I think people would be starting to clamour for information about now. And that seems fine, it means that people still actually care about the series.

When it goes four years without a release and nobody is much fussed about when or if the next game comes out, that seems like more of a problem.

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He definitely has, it just wasn't this year. Or last. Or the one before that.

Well poo gas. I googled it up and that was at the top of the pile. Good grief, three years ago. ;P

I learned something new today. The intranets can serve up a nice warm plate of old news...
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I wonder if there'd be much issue with licensing stuff like DPi cars, or the upcoming LMDh cars in the future? Those two groups could be excellent ways to get more Gr.1 cars, especially for manufacturers like Chevrolet and Cadillac. And that's just DPi, let alone what LMDh might hold as far as manufacturers go. For example, Ferrari is confirmed to be joining LMDh, and that would be a perfect way for Ferrari to have Gr.1 car, as the only possible alternative would be the 333SP. Overall, LMDh (and to a similar extent, DPi) could provide some much more contemporary Gr.1 cars. BMW is another example, with potential plans for LMDh, and the older V12 LMR as a potential Gr.1 car at the moment. Not to mention manufacturers that seemingly never have had a car that'd seem good for Gr.1, as Lexus and McLaren are some of the other automakers eyeing LMDh. (McLaren VGT aside, that is.)

EDIT: Also, I think we're largely good on Group C racers, though I might add the Toyota TS010 for heritage's sake, and the Alfa Romeo SE048SP so that Alfa Romeo can have a Gr.1 car. The Lamborghini Countach QVX could be nice, too, and if the Lamborghini VGT ends up in Gr.1, then the Countach QVX could compliment the VGT well, as an older Gr.1 racer. On the other hand, I don't think we need the Peugeot 905, though I'd welcome it if it were added, as it's a predecessor to the modern 908 and the upcoming 9X8. But other than that, I don't think much else pops out within Group C as being must-haves. I honestly think the TS010 is more relevant than the 88C-V, too, doubly so with the TS050's success at the LM24, and the new successor to that, the GR010.

EDIT2: I'm also very much looking forward to what sort of made-for-game racers PD ends up crafting, to either circumvent licensing costs for a given series, give automakers representation in a given class, or both. I could definitely see this happening in order to have more Gr.2 cars, given that DTM seems to be licensing hassle. It could be a great opportunity to have racecars in a similar style, but based on models that never were the basis for real-world racers. So for example, I know that in DTM, BMW has the M3/M4/etc., right? But if PD made their own Gr.2 cars, maybe we could see something like a DTM-styled car based on the BMW Z4 (G89), or the M8 (G15). I think it's very possible, considering that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition Gr.3 and Subaru WRX STI Gr.3 have striking similarities to Super GT300 cars.
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Fanatec wheel for GT7 maybe?🤔



Still progressing........
Found this while I was looking around in GT subreddit. May not be much but its something I guess.

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Interesting? Would be strange to showcase if it was a cross gen title?

Edit: 'in development for playstation'

Thats not good 🙁 ( if you want a next gen only GT7)
Well there are new camera angles on old footage (especially from the driver's perspective when inside the Porsche Carrera GT) and the tunnel exit sequence with the Toyota FT-1 VGT Gr. 3 and Mazda RX-Vision.

On the first scene with all these supercars, there seems to be a white Porsche creeping up behind the Mustang. Maybe it's the same 911 GT1 Strassenversion as before? I can't tell for sure, though.

Definitely liking how ray-traced the 2017 Ford GT looks there.
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Pretty bizarre for GT7 to be front and center in that video on the same day the GT7 Beta code generator is discovered. Hopefully this is more than a mere coincidence.
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It dropped to 16.3 degrees, kinda interesting, so at this point track temperature is really confirmed?
Not really, it could just be a visual thing in the dashboard that has no effect on the actual gameplay. Like everything else, we have to wait and see.
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Thats not my point.
this old footage (where a year ago you might have said it was still an early version) revcycled in a new trailer that is supposed to show the benefits and the progress of the new console generation.

I find that strange.
Sorry, your post looked like you were complaining about why the visuals look the same as it did 1 year ago, implying they re-did all the scene once again.
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"Stunning Visuals on PS5"
sorry but this is a joke.

I mean they had over 1 year time to polish this low textures and the trees and they take the worst szene from the whole trailer 🤔
Trial Mountain was probably completed a year before the GT7 announcement, so what we see here is what we're getting next year.

The track was added to GT Sport database in 2019 and the update before the GT7 trailer dropped it had two more entries added for 8k and 16k, these resolutions must've been for the trailer creation?
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It look like real wheel, someone have the leak the wheel on the open public. Look like PD design the wheel itself with the help of fanatec. I think people try take it down the wheel pic too.
That's great news! I'll hold off my excitement a little longer until Fanatec confirms it though.
Sorry, your post looked like you were complaining about why the visuals look the same as it did 1 year ago, implying they re-did all the scene once again.
no Problem.
I find that even stranger. If it were exact the same scene, you could still blame it on the old stage of development. But as it is, I guess we'll have to be satisfied with this quality in the end. This corner of the track is really the worst. At least the other scenes look better.