Gran Turismo 7 Master Track List


German trailer has what appears to be Grand Valley Speedway on it. Also, loads of new in-game shots. Weird they did two different trailers for English and German speaking audiences
So my mind was not playing tricks on me when I saw the tracks crossing each other when showing the SF 19 then and instantly thought grand valley speedway.
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This was the same timeline Michellin partner/sponsored Road Atlanta. roughly the same time they announced partnership with GT. I'd imagine licenses came with that deal and that was when they started the project, just never finished it/released it for sport
If it's for real, it's likely that, in addition to Road Atlanta, Virginia Raceway will also appear, as it is also a Michelin sponsored circuit. Both circuits are fantastic.

Weirdly enough, the top two circuits are two new ones we’ve seen in the trailers so far so I wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining ones were added before launch or as updates down the line.

That said, with the tracks history and Gran Turismo’s ties with Lewis Hamilton, I’d be very surprised if there was no Silverstone in GT7

What would the Grand Canyon circuit be? Red Rock Valley?
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So will it happen?
If it's for real, it's likely that in addition to Road Atlanta, Virginia Raceway will also be able to appear, and that it's a Michelin-inspired car. Elias both the circuits are fantastic and high speed. Online series on both the circuits.

What would the grand canyon circuit be? Red Rock Valley?
Grand Canyon was a rally circuit which first appeared in GT4 Prologue.

Have any of these tracks been seen in official GT7 media? If not, why are they being posted about in this thread?

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Neat! Well, good to know for certain it's locked in for launch, still itching to... see it.
91 variations, still anticipating a few more... Another city? Snow? Nurb GP/D and Type V? Not the place for speculation, right.
On topic, for the list in the OP:
Willow Springs (6) -> (5)
BB Raceway (1) -> (2)
All right! Very happy to see it so soon! With the new extension into a hairpin it's grown a bit to ≈4.25km.
Seems to be located in Europe based on those huge mountains.