Gran Turismo 7 Revealed for PlayStation 5

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
That looks amazing. I'll get it at digital release.

Only the Used Car Dealership remains a worry at this point, I mean, if they have old-gen cars...

I think it'll be GT4 style: new cars at the dealership, old cars at the used car dealer with miles on the clock.

After all it's hardly realistic being able to get any zero mileage classic sports car on demand.

The chances of them having a big enough quality disparity between cars to actually categorize them is very very low IMO.

I'm sure that even GT5 cars would look fine next to GT Sport/7 cars
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Oh so they're complaining already? Why aren't I surprised lol

Btw, Carrera GT @ 0:30

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United States
I'm definitely interested. I'm honestly loving the menu layout as it's very reminiscent of GT4 and the reintroduction of Trial Mountain and is making me hope that more of the GT original tracks make a big comeback. Although I like seeing the Porsche 917 it's off-putting seeing it race against the Group 3 cars and I'm hoping that this is a sign that we could get multi-class racing for GT7.

I will definitely keep my eyes open for this title.

Also PD: SPECIAL STAGE ROUTE 11 PLEASE?!!!! :nervous:
If it‘s not fully playable in VR, i pass o GT7 and probably the PS5 and turn to PC-gaming. The always promis the next big step in GT, but all the do is better graphics and never better immersion. GTsport disappointed with its poor VR mode and i hope the will do better with GT7.
...I was unimpressed by the whole event AND ps5 as a device... awful design.

Regarding GT7, although the day cycle and possible weather effects are a leap forward from GT Sport, it’s not by any means revolutionary based on the current competition, let alone this was beat done by Driveclub some 6 years ago...

...trees still 2d, no actual damage from what I saw but the most disturbing thing for me is the terrible AI.... looks like it’s more pronounced as years pass by.

I love GT and have played countless hours, but wouldn’t consider it a sim. A sim? Really, when you start last in every race??? I’ll still get it, but was not that excited.

A bit out of context, but, horizon 2 excluded, I didn’t see anything that couldn’t be already done in the current gen..maybe without the ray tracing effects..
Orillia, ON
Possibly unpopular opinion but i'm not a fan of them changing the layout on legacy tracks, unless there's at least a proper classic version of the track in the game alongside it. Really don't like that they removed the fast start/finish straight chicane to a slow one from the looks of it. The map being upside down is also triggering me a bit.

Everything else looks fairly promising I guess, but i'm waiting to see the full game to see how I feel about it. Still never bought Sport as i'm not keen on the always online saves, once that server goes that game is useless.
That layout looks to be changed to meet FIA certification, which if anything may mean the championships will definitely continue into the next generation
The gameplay is a letdown tbh. While the graphics look great, I had hoped that GT would finally grow up and evolve. The stupid way the AIs drive and the fact that there is a 917 racing against GT cars makes it look like more of the same including the same severely outdated gameplay mechanics.
If you don't like different kinds of cars racing against each other then you should find a different series.
Looking really good so far but the estimated release date was conspicuously absent.

Had to laugh when I saw the console itself as it looks nothing like the renderings we've seen over the last year. A bit worrying seeing a skinny box with the heat it'll inevitably have to deal with but I heard they've made some sort of custom solution to it. With that hardware, it's going to be pushed hard but they must be happy with the thermals. Happy to see the digital only version of it as well.