Gran Turismo 7: Your Dream Update

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Inspired by AR12’s latest video where he talked about his dream update for Forza Horizon 5 (), I wanted to know: What would you guys choose for your dream GT7 update?
Here’s what I think a good update should entail:
  • 3-5 new cars (Max. 1-2 returning)
  • 1 new track (Or a remake of a classic GT track, e.g. High Speed Ring)
  • At least three new events, one of which has a completion reward of 100,000cr or more
  • One new feature
I’m excited to see what you guys think would make the perfect GT7 update
My perfect update would be a revision/completion of neglected portions of the game. We talk about car/track additions ad nauseum, lets fix some longstanding issues.

  • The penalty system in sport mode is complete garbage.
  • A FFB system that isn't neutered and actually communicative
  • PSVR2
    • improvements to clarity
    • reduction of pop-in
    • the addition of a timing screen
    • the ability to adjust your seating position. they removed that feature for some stupid reason, as it was in GT Sport
  • Customizable MFD
    • the ability to display tire temp and other telemetry data.
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My dream GT7 from the Sport mode pespective

5 new GT3 cars - obviously :D
1 track - probably Silverstone or Motegi
Endurance races - 24h Nords , Lemans 24h , 300km Fuji etc
New AI penalty system
Fixed lobbies and added more options them / updated custom race settings

i can only dream 🤪
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I dream of being able to turn off the flashing “recommended” gear indicator. But while I’m dreaming, I may as well throw in some other completely unrealistic hopes to fall on deaf ears:
-Accurate telemetry data (Braking, acceleration traces) in replays for proper comparison and analysis
-Radar option separate from the MFD, with different zoom levels (to better distinguish overlap with surrounding vehicles)
-“Car best” times to display like in GT Sport rather than just “Session best” as is in the MFD right now
-Timing chart and additional visual information for PSVR2
Easy : (just depending on PD's good will)
  • Collector level not capped to 50
  • Tickets stats continue improving above collector level 20 (with diminishing returns but still).
  • Distance driven visible and available as a sort criterium
  • Invites depending on partaking to one make championships, or having to buy a certain list of lesser cars from manufacturer in order to access the invites cars

Harder :
  • Decent AI
  • Decent penalty system
A few new cars
A new track (particularly a long point-to-point section of real world roadway with no race track elements of any sort. Just a nice long section of scenic highway)
Specific performance optimizations that eliminate any remaining issues relating to framerate and stutters
Addition of far better options for adjusting FOV and positioning in the cockpit view
A fully-active time trial mode for every track that features global and friends leaderboards.
A better career mode that doesn't have the same three events repeated for 40% of it (Sunday/Clubman/Drivetrain). It almost feels like they quickly cobbled this one up together 'cause of having to develop for the PS4 (but that's just speculation on my part).

Hopefully GT8 won't repeat this again.
Isn't it just basically another wishlist thread? Oh well, anyway, here's mine :D

5 cars
1 track
Return of 3D photomode locations, they already have like at least a dozen of those in game only used for cutscenes
Interior photomode with free movement (currently your position is fixed)
New custom wheels, new custom parts for existing cars, new widebody kits (with some cars now having 2 to choose from), interior customization (steering wheel, seats, additional gauges like in GT6)
Widebody filter for livery search, sorting options (by likes/shares/...)
An option in livery editor to keep the original livery of a car when repainting it and/or adding decals
New invitation system, perform various tasks and duties to show your passion with the brand and earn an invitation
New sets of missions: 1v1 touge InitialD-style races on a new track, more drift and drag (with various restrictions for cars), proper endurance racing
New races and menus is a given
Standing starts Sophy with appropriate difficulty (so Sophy is not slowed down for you to be able to catch up after starting 20 seconds behind)
Separate choice for exterior and interior colours in Brand Central, some cars already have different options for interior, just need to untie them from exterior colours

I think I only managed to keep it realistic with cars, the rest sounds more like GT8 than an update :lol:
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Unlocking tyre branding for all vehicles

Wet weather added to Bathurst(crazy how all the Asia circuits-Miyabi is left out-have changeable weather), Goodwood, Brands Hatch, Monza, Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, Daytona Road Course, Interlagos.
8-10 cars
2 tracks
Custom championships with choose from all cars and tracks you want.
Multiclass races
Manufacturer collection races and awards
More time trials
Allow to customizing banners in tracks!!!!
On line custom championships!!!!!!
On line auctioning cars and parts!!!
Tyre badging in race tires espesially in F1-1500T car!!!
For the end track editor!!
(It will never be true)
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I would like a open world style city added where you can just drive around, doesn't need to be massive, maybe just some country roads but somewhere to drive for fun that isn't a circular track.

I would also link online drag races to be a thing and would love a new track, especially Monaco! That would be epic in VR

New cars don't bother me loads at the moment as I don't have all the current ones! 81 left to go!!!
This isn't so much of a "dream update", rather a post on what changes an update can make to the game.

Obtaining Cars:
  • Removal of the Hagerty Legend Dealership so no more FOMO nonsense.
  • Used car dealership cycles through most production cars (lower prices than Brand Central, but higher mileage and potential parts that need to be replaced).
  • Brand Central has EVERY car to purchase.
  • No more brand invitations in roulette... actually no more roulette period.
  • A test track to try out any car before buying it.

New Events:
  • New events should have a max grid size of 24 (the PS5 should be able to handle 4 more AI drivers)
  • Due to their prevalence in sport mode, every circuit should have a Gr.3 and Gr.4 with Sohpy AI
  • Each circuit should have an endurance event of at least 30 minutes.
  • Separation of Gr.1 into Gr.1 VGT and Gr.1 (LMP1/Group C/Hypercar).
  • New events which only allow stock versions of cars.
  • New championships (WTC 900, Historic Cars, VGT, Red Bull X2019, Gr.1, Expert Gr.3/Gr.4)

Custom Races:
  • Ability to adjust behavior of each AI driver (aggressiveness, competitiveness etc).
  • Add most countries to assign to each driver (Argentina is still glitched, plus why are Switzerland or South Africa not there?).
  • Removal of rubber band effect that artificially keeps the grid together.
Don't we already have a wish-list thread or six?
Yes. Yes we do. This isn't that, but there's more than a few now-invisible posts that are treating it like that.

Reading the first post and briefly skimming the video makes it look rather obvious that this is intended to ask people what an ideal GT7 update would look like and not what specific content it should bring:

Here’s what I think a good update should entail:
  • 3-5 new cars (Max. 1-2 returning)
  • 1 new track (Or a remake of a classic GT track, e.g. High Speed Ring)
  • At least three new events, one of which has a completion reward of 100,000cr or more
  • One new feature
I’m excited to see what you guys think would make the perfect GT7 update
What's your perfect FH5 Update?
1. Theme
2. Festival Playlist Cars
3. Stadium Makeover
4. Small Feature
5. Car Pack
The car and track wishlist thread meanwhile is here:

We obviously all like new cars and tracks, but my main pet peeves for GT7 are not a lack of cars or content.

Things that the best update ever would fix:

- Add option to hide the steering wheel and hands in cockpit view
It's annoying, all real race sims have this option, level up!

- Fix the carbon fibre application in the paint menu.
Why can't i just apply carbon to seperate parts like the hood, doors, mirrors and trunk?

Let me put racingseats in my cars please
Rollcage with standard seats looks stupid.

Tires should be a tuning option & show the PP difference it will make
Why can't i just pick any tire i want and why make the PerformancePoint measuring proces so tedious?

Add BBS Motorsport wheels
(BBS E30/E50 and E87/E88)

TLDR: I don't need content, I want quality of life updates.
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A fully fledged single player career where you create a driver and work your way up through a bunch of different series against the sophy ai. Include optional practice and qualifying, and do proper championships. Something similar to the Project Cars 2 career mode, except way more fleshed out. A player driven economy for cars, car parts, setups, liveries, etc would be the cherry on top.
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simply a FoV settings option.
Unnerf the extreme.

Implement full force

Suck less with wheel sdk’s.

Tighten up VR, add a timing//additional info sheet to the mfd
Offline patch.
You guys think that the dream GT7 update contains just these things?


Edit: Good lord, it took five posts before this was ignored:

this is intended to ask people what an ideal GT7 update would look like and not what specific content it should bring:
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This is easy. PD hire me and I'll help you design the greatest GT game of all time

  • FOV Slider
  • Customisable interiors. Change wheels , guages etc
  • Updated car tuning : Able to use high octane fuel for more power. Using a lower octane fuel will cause the car to ping. This can be done via GT auto. We should also be able to dyno tune our cars for those who are experienced enough. Maybe use it as a mini game in GT auto for optimal power and performance?
  • Tuning shop is currently beyond simple. Just buy the most expensive upgrade and you're done. It should be far more in-depth than that.

  • Roll Racing events!
  • 400m performance test.
  • Free roam mode
  • Update tyre model
  • Updated 900 hand animations
  • Visable Intercoolers on tuner cars when upgraded.
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- Formula Gran Turismo (using the new 2026 specs)

- Racing Modification in GT Auto; or custom interior options such as bucket seats, digital tachometers, oil and water temp gauges. Larger fuel tanks for road cars to make them at least competitive in endurance races without the need of an engine swap.

- High Paying Seasonal Events. Clearly the Weekly Challenges are an afterthought.

- Daily Login credit bonus up to 200%.

- Sophy integration in Custom Races.

- As for cars, at least a balance of old and new; not just rehashed GT6 premiums.
  • Share tuning sheets in Showcase
  • Ability to copy tuning sheets (incl parts, can be with or without paying) to the same duplicate car in your garage.
  • Easier access to engines
  • Bring back Race Modification from older GT’s: get a legal road car and make it a Gr. 4 by weight reduction, larger fuel tank, racing livery etc. Great for Touring Car racing!

Custom Races
  • Raise payouts custom races to a fixed model based on class/PP, laps and difficulty. More laps with lower PP and high difficulty takes longer so needs higher payout.
  • Add qualification
  • Add seasons with multiple races
  • Add multiclass racing
  • Share custom race/tournaments setups in Showcase (including cars/tunes/liveries)
  • Fix bug with AI only 95% throttle output
  • Fix bug with standard tires
  • Apply pre-created racing plate numbers to all entries (separate svg!)
  • Ability to switch car in Custom Race menu
  • Add Sophy AI to custom races

Career Mode
  • Career Mode added (more grid starts)

GT Auto
  • Ability to revert widebodykits
  • Add widebody settings to style
  • Ability to use branded tires on all cars
  • Ability to use .svg as tire stickers
  • Aftermarket kits (Varis, RocketBunny, Voltext etc etc)
  • More aftermarket rims

Livery Editor
  • Group decals, save decal group and share decal groups.
  • Stamp decals
  • Paint rims in 2 colors (rim and spokes)
  • Paint specific parts in carbon paint
  • Ability to paint a car without have to create a style
  • Ability to have a Paint Shop next to Race Shop where you can pick a livery or just plain car colors
  • Ability to use same car with different liveries in Custom Races
  • Real Paints show on actual car instead of 3 pre-defined cars
  • Make number plates a separate menu in livery editor and a separate decal: so you can download number plates from a separate download and apply them directly. Also give the ability to create default plates by just typing

  • Quick access button to Garage
  • Don’t skip soundtrack when changing menu
  • More folders for favorite cars in Garage

  • Ability to sort own decals on alphabet or date acquired
  • Ability to sort collected styles on car/date acquired
  • Fix ‘Trending’ and ‘Recommended’ views to represent different cars/liveries with new selections
  • Add ‘downloads’ ticker next to likes/comments/repost
  • Ability to sort search results on # of downloads/likes
  • Easier to manage collection (online)

Photo mode
  • Export directly to USB
  • Share online but viewable for only yourself
  • Save all settings (temperature, exposure etc)
  • Don’t reset photo settings in race mode

Drag racing
  • Add drag strip to lobbies and races
  • Add drag parts to Tuning Shop (drag tires, staller etc)

My wishlist in terms of non-tracks and non-cars.
Green is fixed, yellow is kinda fixed.
Purple I'd pay for :P
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