Gran Turismo Ad / Poster Challenge (now with Magazine Covers!)

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Gran Turismo Magazine Ad / Poster Challenge

I thought it would be interesting to see how creative you can get post process.
Many of us grew up with car ads / posters on the wall of our bedrooms, many ripped out of magazines. Why not take that a step further - Gran Turismo 7 is without a doubt a seriously pretty game.

I want to propose a challenge. Make your own magazine cover, ad or poster, be it a remake, or your own work completely.
There are no rules, no winners, no losers. Be creative!

Go ahead, make us drool, make our jaws drop, and most importantly have fun!

Note: If you decide to post the original / your inspiration, please do so in a spoiler.
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In the making. I realized way too late I was making the wrong page. :lol: have to continue, obviously.


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For some weird reason, some letters with one of the fonts got weirdly spaced when I hit a . or ,. No idea why. I'm not gonna bother fixing it, that's one of many ways to see it is a recreation anyway. :D
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I dislike GT7 in general, except enjoy the photo modes. Would it be so hard to include a slide show option. Not just for your personal photos, but other people's also. I could easily spend 30 minuets to an hour or more listening to music and looking at slide shows of photos or car liveries.

Another big wish of mine would be why not let us take photos in the livery preview screen. Not only that but if we had the ability change the back ground and wide movement of cars. We could make our own (maybe simplified) poster in game. Give us simplified font editor etc. I think GT sport paint aquire method was better.
Gran Turismo 雜誌廣告/海報挑戰

我們中的許多人都是在臥室牆上貼著汽車廣告/海報長大的,其中許多是從雜誌上撕下來的。為什麼不更進一步 - Gran Turismo 7 毫無疑問是一款非常漂亮的遊戲。



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I have been making ads, posters and a weekly magazine cover since 2020 now for the GT Racing Facebook group I run with a few friends.
Here's some examples


The original:


And the "magazine" I created:
Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 14-12-48 White Yellow Simple Car Magazine.png

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 23-42-24 White Yellow Simple Car Magazine.png

I started with just a cover but then I started adding pages with the previous race night's results and after a while, I was doing 4-6 pages.
It was getting to be too much so I'm back to just a cover.