Gran Turismo Sport Engine Note Based On Throttle Input

About 1 hr as of now of this thread being published, until the 2019 April Update undergoes the maintenance break and we are all eager to try out the new batch of cars (Porsche 962C for me!!!) and maybe a new track!

I'm putting this out here because I've really been enjoying the free updates, along with old returning classics and new cars, as well as new tracks, but my main purpose is to address some of our favourite cars having this sound issue/bug. What it is, is when you are driving say for example a road car like the F40, some of you may have noticed that when dropping down to a lower gear around a turn, while keeping the revs up high and even putting in just a little bit of throttle input, the engine sound of the car just cuts in, without no smooth, gradual increase in the engine note. It's the same when you take your hand of the trigger/foot of the pedal because the car engine sound cuts off completely as the car rolls. This also happens in the low revs; say about 3k-4k rpm. To illustrate my point I've put in 2 videos (curtsy of MotoGamesTV) of the F40 showing what I'm talking about, comparing it to the R33 Skyline being what it should sound like, which GTS did really well. Assetto Corsa simulates this very well with all their cars, but for some reason, GTS only does this with some of their cars e.g. R33, MR2 GTS, Honda RAYBRIG GR.2. Have a listen below and you'll understand what I mean.

In the Ferrari vid, skip between timestamps 2:22 to 2:34
In the Nissan vid, skip between timestamps 2:19 to 2:31

<--- Ferrari F40

<--- Nissan Skyline R33

p.s. thanks for reading and have a nice day


What you're saying is basically engine sound in some cars are different on/off throttle despite being at same RPM (e.g. Skyline), while in others it's the same (e.g. F40). Not surprised by this tbh, they probably recorded some sounds a while ago and only recorded it on throttle. While cars like the Skyline which they have easy access they managed to record both on and off throttle sounds and are able to put the improved sounds in the game.

GTS has improved sounds considerably for the series, but it still got nothing on the likes of AC/RRRE. In the grand scheme of things though, I'm ok with the level of sounds they have now. Physics, more cars and tracks are higher in priority list for me.
I totally want this to be adressed. Only a few cars in the game have a smooth on/off throttle transition. It is so irritating to the ears that I had to restrict my driving only to cars that have smooth throttle sound.

Some more cars to the list: Pantera 71', Diablo 00', GT-R Nismo 17'