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New Zealand
Hi team, my name is Olaf, I run with the PSN tag ClanFever

Approx. this time last year, having put 20,000km into GT-S since it's release, I decided (due to Lockdown, partly) to really get into the 2020 FIA season. I had done odd races here and there in the years prior, however this was the year I really got into it. I didn't do too bad in my region either, which was nice. I have now amassed 70,000km and it's still growing

During the period, I started making Practice Lobbies and ended up with a small crew of people both from the FIA races I had been racing in, and just randoms who were joining the lobby. Another small set of people were also joining, and invited me to their small FB Page. At first, it was mostly just people who knew each other in the real world and a few guys from the Lobbies I had been hosting.

Fast forward a couple months (and to now) and the group has accelerated into a bigger Crew with very fast, very clean and very awesome drivers, for the Oceanic Region. We mostly live on our FB page but also have a couple PSN groups for the different lobbies/leagues

And that is why you're here, right? Here's the thing, if you go over to - you'll find a spreadsheet with some prior results for a whole bunch of seasons we've run since the start. And guess what? We still do them, and will keep doing them!!

What I am going to do, is post the next (and then it'll be current) series as a post below with all the details you need to get involved. For the points races, as I'll explain below, there are rules but are mostly the same basic "don't make yourself look bad" rules GT-S has. We are clean, hard racers, with a few different speed groups. As long as you're the former, you'll end up moving up the groups in the latter! We have some top split drivers in the group and their knowledge has been spread around, so everyone who joins in with us will learn something new

We do have the following lobbies almost religiously.
Times are in UTC+10 (AEST) and then UTC+12 (NZST).
These do move to +11 and +13 during daylight savings months.

Tuesdays (ClanFever on PSN is host) 1830-2030 or 2030-2230
Thursdays "Thrash" (ttv_bright_sid3 on PSN is host) 1925-late or 2125-late
Fridays (ClanFever on PSN is host) 1830-2130 or 2030-2330
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New Zealand
New Zealand
We do have our final points race this Friday for our current series "Teh Brutal Series 2021"
As the name suggests, this was a change for me to get quite sadistic with the formats.
This Friday we have a Double, and then Triple points race. In the Double points race, we are in the McLaren F1 Road Car, fully maxed out. For the Triple points race, we are in the McLaren P1 GTR, again, fully maxed out. No further details - it's Teh Brutal Series, no practice is allowed ;)

To enter, please add me on PSN - ClanFever - you then need to choose a Race number (2-999 that's not taken) and apply this to your car in the Livery Editor as a Race Number. There are no other Livery Requirements.

Full rules can be found at the Spreadsheet here - Most of it is pretty straight forward, although we do have a few rules specific to us to help combat some of GT-S's weirdness - I recommend reading this before entering so you both get a good result without having a penalty added, or making yourself "look bad".

Having one or two WildCards from the forum here would be neat! We do prefer Oceanic (NZ/Aus) players mostly due to ping reasons, although happy to take whoever on if they're game!

Thank you
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New Zealand
The next series that starts on the 18/05/21 is a hybrid FIA Practice/Points Series. More info is to come (I will edit this post) but we will basically be using the same tracks/tyres/fuel that the upcoming FIA races after the Points Race will use, except with American cars only. The season will be running each Tuesday and Friday with the times from the Original Post from the 18th of May, until the end of the FIA season.

To enter, please add me on PSN - ClanFever - you then need to choose a Race number (2-999 that's not taken) and apply this to your car in the Livery Editor as a Race Number. There are no other Livery Requirements. You must also pick one Make that you must stick with, Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet. You can use makes owned by their parent companies.

Again, more information to come with rules and strict schedule. We will be having practice events until the 18th, after Teh Brutal Series above finishes.

Thank you


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New Zealand
New Zealand
The Trans Am Series starts next week. This is still going to be a FIA based Practice lobby with points for the Trans Am races, so it all adds up plus it's an extra contest for you!
We also now have a Discord for our FB Crew/Lobbies, so extra bit of communication there available if you dig it.
Attached is one of our recent practice races for last nights Manu Race. I wish the Fords went for the 4-long-bump-draft (we were on the no Chicanes Le Mans for a bit of added spice)


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New Zealand
New Zealand
We've been having a fantastic Trans Am Season. Get among it if you want! Honestly it's super easy to join, if you don't mind not getting full points immediately, you can just add me on PSN, and join the Lobbies Tuesdays and Fridays from 830pm UTC+12 (+13 Daylight Savings)!

Photos Attached

We are also running our annual Charity Event once both FIA and our Trans Am season is over, 2nd of October 2021. 12 hours around Le Mans!

Here is the link to the Give A Little

Any donations obviously welcome, however we do love it if people want to get involved either just by getting involved with the main YT stream, or by actually joining us on track!


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