Gran Turismo Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Announced for 2024 Season

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I'm amazed more people don't wait longer before leaving the pits. Both my races I hung back over a minute and had no one any where near me. Enabled me to qualify 2nd and 1st last (0.5s penalty on the final pair of chicanes disqualified what would have been a pole lap)
I usually watch as the rest of the pack leaves pit and then I go out in somewhat last, is about 30-40 seconds of delay...
My race was quite good, p6 to p4 in the end, but more important it was clean, no damage, no big moments, just good racing.
I know this is copy-paste from last year TGR cup but I like this combo very much. Quite challenging and fun. And there is always something special in running full speed in a pack and in the rain trough Mulsanne.
A little shame that they didn't use different car this year. After adding ts020 they got four Toyota LM cars! It could be a refreshing factor. I know they are not from "GR era" but still Toyotas.
GT1 A/S lobby Door 15 194 points lobby

I quali with wets and TCS5. 4:03.114 2! seconds ahead!
Very happy with that. I know my wet pace is far better than dry


I am off to a clean start and 2 second lead by end of lap one. People start pitting on lap 6, where I lose my lead. P1 pits lap 7 and I pit lap 8 picking up 3 second pen on pit entry. I come out in p2 with 7 second lead. P1 has much better pace. I lose most of my gap serving my penalty. It is now a battle for p2. A few positions changes on the last to laps and I bring it home for P2 and 186 points, which I believe is my highest yet.


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@Moose78 Congrats on your race. That quali time is quick. It looks like your practice paid off!

Bit of a rant about the 7PM slot: 236 points up for grabs, qualified 5th and by the first corner I was knocked back to 8th and from there I was used like a ping-pong ball. When it started to dry I was 2:36 from the leader due to multiple pits for damage. I was really disappointed with the etiquette of the lobby. This result dinked my DR and SR enough that it really messed with my 9PM slot.

9PM slot: I was put in a lobby with one of the drivers who ping-pong'd me at 7PM and thought "Oh no, here we go". Only 176 points for grabs this time so I was already feeling less motivated. It's crazy how much the points can sway based on a little DR/SR decline.

Anyways, first picture is the quali result. Third and fourth with the exact same times! From the start, the pole sitter was about 1 second faster than me per lap and went into the distance. Keeping my rhythm to survive the wet saw me drop to third whilst the ping-ponger passed by.


Someone else at the far end of the field and I pit at the end of lap 6 for slicks. The undercut really paid off. I had some traffic toward the end of the lap which I thought would ruin my plan but it wasn't so bad! I found myself in second place with the leader some 14 seconds ahead. I thought I could settle down into my rhythm again and bring it home to increase DR again. However, I was gaining about 5 seconds per lap and eventually saw the leader searching for wet patches to cool their tyres. This encouraged me to pounce! Apparently this driver ended up finishing third with a no stop on IMs (what an animal!).

During these last few laps, I was about 4 seconds ahead of third place who was faster than me but couldn't find consistency. From there I cranked in the laps and finished first with the fastest lap to boot.

It was nice to win, but this felt like redemption for the 7PM slot and didn't come with nearly the satisfaction nor the points haul I was looking for. It's a shame that weeks of practice can result in being punted around and having your race ruined.

176 Points bagged and looking forward to the next event.

I'm amazed more people don't wait longer before leaving the pits. Both my races I hung back over a minute and had no one any where near me. Enabled me to qualify 2nd and 1st last (0.5s penalty on the final pair of chicanes disqualified what would have been a pole lap)
This was one race where I did just that! Except one other guy decided to do the exact same thing and leave just after me 😂😂
I'm amazed more people don't wait longer before leaving the pits. Both my races I hung back over a minute and had no one any where near me. Enabled me to qualify 2nd and 1st last (0.5s penalty on the final pair of chicanes disqualified what would have been a pole lap)
For this race in particular I wanted to be at the back of the first pack, because of the "water clearing" effect. I think it helped? And I think a couple other people were trying for the same strategy.
(GT1 League, DR A lobby) To be honest, I never tried out the car when the track was dry before the slots were open. So I expected less out of the race other than to stay in one piece. Qualified 12th place (before a person ahead got disco'd) and started out in IMs.

Lap 1: Managed to move up two places. One by a car letting me get a place because they were anticipating a possible T1 crash (which didn't happen). Another was by a standard overtake.

Lap 2: Overtook another car at the Michelin Chicane, albeit I was close to overshooting it as I overtake the car.

Lap 6: Same case as Lap 2, but it was the car ahead of me that overshot the corner at the Daytona Chicane. Some car might have pitted in during that time, so more positions were gained. But at the same time, those that pitted in, couldn't fight for the top positions as the track hasn't dried out enough at Tetre Rouge. Because of that, some of them spun out and had damage.

Lap 7: At the start of the lap past the Dunlop Chicane, I have made a poor timing on an overtake at the Foret Esses. Made a small bump which cause the car ahead of me move closer to the wet parts, where the right rear tire caught up and cause the car to spin, even if it had full wets on.

Pitted in after the lap and gained two positions as the two cars had spun out from the pit exits.

Lap 9: At the end of the lap, P2 had pitted in to end their IMs run which was quite surprising. It promoted me to P3 and for some reason, I used my anger towards the TDUSC demo to get faster and fight the cars in P2 and P1. Which also got me the fastest lap in the race too.

Lap 11-12: Mostly just the said fights for P1, which I ended up doing surprisingly enough. Finished in P1 with the fastest lap and with 230 points. Setting the TCS to 2 actually has its benefits!

24 Heures du Mans race track__14.png
Gran Turismo® 7_20240609210334.png

Gran Turismo® 7_20240609210423.png
It’s funny. I didn’t even participate in a race(my PS+ expired).
Did you sign up? That's all that's required.

If you did it before R3, you get the car... well, now. After that you'll have to wait until the series ends.
Decisions, decisions...

I've done a fair bit of driving with each of the cars at Nuburgring GP for round 4. I'm finding that I'm about equally slow in all of them. None of them is standing out as clear winner yet. My fastest lap in Free Practice is with the Supra (~2:06.5, IIRC), but that was chasing one of the top-10 ghosts. Without the aid of a ghost, I'm in the low 2:07s with all of them. Yeah, slow.

According to the FP stats, the Mazda hits the highest top speed of the bunch, at 225 km/h, but not by much. The other two are at 224 km/h.

On the top leader board in FP, the Mazda is nowhere to be seen. The Supra is dominating the top 10, but there is a pretty good mix of WRXs lower down. I guess we can expect the Mazda won't be showing up in the top splits.

I'm not anywhere near the top splits, though. From where I sit, the cars seem pretty balanced. I suppose that means it doesn't really matter much which car I pick. Maybe I'll just leave it up to the toss of the dice.

How are the rest of you picking a car?
Haven't tried yet, but if the Gr4 supra shows the same sort of temperament of its Gr3 sister, than I will be difficult for me to estract the best from it.
No fuel/tyre issues given the race setup will also remove this potential variable from car selection.
So, going to your comments about what is showing up in the leaderboard, probably the pick for me will be the WRX and use the time to learn it instead of swapping back and forth with other cars
How are the rest of you picking a car?
Pretty sure I am going Subaru. I've done some mock-races and I just have so much more confidence in the car than I do the Supra. The Supra is squirrely at times. It's not a problem, per-say but not as easy to drive as the WRX. One thing to consider as well... standing start. Hard to beat AWD on launch. I've not given the Supra as much time, though, so I plan to give it another shot. As for the Mazda, I hate FF cars so hard pass!

I don't do Gr4 cars much, but last I remember the WRX was an understeer machine... but it seems to be better now. While running +5BB, he WRX will wear out the FL tire the most and the rears will have very little wear (maybe 15% red on FL, 7% FR, and 5% on the rears if I had to try and quantify it); the Supra wears them all very evenly (maybe 7-10% all around). Being eight laps, neither one has much wear at all.
If anyone has done any practice, is there any rain?
Not in Free Practice. I've done 8 laps there and not seen any. Looks like a straight-ahead sprint.

I've landed on the WRX, myself. Like @Talon16 wrote, it gets a great start of the grid. I've also been able to get it around the track faster than the other two cars. In Free Practice, chasing a fast ghost, I've gotten my lap times into the high 2:04s. Without the ghost, I'm hitting mid-2:05s. Okay, but not great.

I've been doing most of my practice in custom races, though. I try to do one or two full races a day, but I have to say after the first week it was already feeling like a slog. It's been two weeks since the last round and still another one to go. I feel like I'm going to be pretty sick of this combo by the time the race rolls around (and now I might not even be able to race it).

Anyways, in race trim, I'm hitting mid- to high-2:06s. The good laps are in the low 2:06s. Occasionally getting into the 2:05s. I'm feeling like that is pretty mediocre for the low end of DR A, where I find myself, but despite the practice, I'm not getting any faster. I suppose I'll just have to make do with wherever I'm at.

Such is life.
This is such an uncomfortable track and cars for me... I pulled a 2:03:9xx in TT but in race it's 2.05.x... I can't for the life of me find the right line specially the first corners.
On the off chance he reads this forum, I want to apologise to TCR_Letapster (can't message him on PSN). I completely ruined his his race at 12pm and I apologise unreservedly (slight nudge at the final chicane sent him off and got him a penalty, I slightly misjudged the braking in the slipstream at a higher entry speed than I was used to, my fault). Probably seemed intentional to him as he's pretty much my rival in the Hampshire leaderboards. But I guarantee it wasn't.

Karma got me, as I got taken out by a couple of others later on and dropped from 2nd to 9th in the end. But I deserved that.
2nd attempt, 1pm. Subaru WRX Gr. 4

Qualified 4th, not my best lap but acceptable. Lost about 3 tenths on the 2nd sector on my 2nd lap which cost me.

Race started badly. Well, I made a phenomenal start, was up to 2nd in the braking zone, but someone decided to use me as a brake. Luckily I just about kept it on the track and was in 6th and the rammer got a 3s penalty for his troubles.

Was up into a nice 3rd place after lap 3, but I picked up a stupid pair of penalties. Cut one of the left handers slightly too much and picked up a 1 second penalty which dropped me back to 4th. But then serving the penalty messed up my braking into the final chicane, so immediately got another 0.5s penalty, so I ended up in 6th.

Last couple of laps had a tremendous battle, overtook someone into the hairpin. He got a run at me on the main straight on lap 8, I held the inside, forced him to the racing line but he completely outbraked himself and I was pretty much home and dry.

A nice 5th place, much more like it, and 138 points.

I do think a top 3 was possible here but that early punt which dropped me back really cost me a lot of time in the pack.


Enjoyable race though.
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Q10/P13, but it was quite a fun battle for 11th. Plus, for as relatively few points I earned this round, I still may end up being the 3rd-best GT2 driver in Connecticut for this championship!
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Quiet day here today. Is that because it's now the summer, or because no one really cares too much about the GR GT Cup??
I did every round last year and did really well in GT3 class:

1st local area
32nd in UK
332nd in Europe/Asia/etc

This year due to life getting in the way 😅 I have missed the last 2 rounds although I did enjoy the first 2, but I just haven't been able to free the time for rounds 3 and 4 unfortunately.

I hope to join the last couple but just depends if I do have the time.

It seems alot of people have things going on this year pulling time away from these GT7 Cups 😔
Quiet day here today. Is that because it's now the summer, or because no one really cares too much about the GR GT Cup??
Decided to skip this one. So far the GR Cup is not my favorite. Only race I enjoyed was the LeMans one.

The first on Suzuka was ok thanks to the track, the second one I skipped too. Not interessted in driving a Prius. And this one.. well I hate the GP track of the Nürburgring 😂

Don't know how it was in the last years since I only really started GT7 at the end of december 23 but I can't wait for the next manu cup 🙈
Quiet day here today. Is that because it's now the summer, or because no one really cares too much about the GR GT Cup??
Come to think of it, there did seem to be an awful lot of A-rated drivers for a GT2 lobby. And even though I got 13th, I still scored over 70 points, which I think is quite a bit considering. Not to mention what my state standings would likely be if the championship ended after tonight.

EDIT: Decided to try it again. Q7/P6 - not bad! Certainly more points scored for this finish.
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