Gran Turismo World Series 2024 Begins 17 April

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You can enter as many slots as you want, but only the score from your last one counts for the standings.
I am bit confused here, how did Digit in his live stream just today, now acheive like some 335 points on just Round 1 races then? Am I missing something here???
I am bit confused here, how did Digit in his live stream just today, now acheive like some 335 points on just Round 1 races then? Am I missing something here???
The available points are dependent on the total DR of the drivers in the race. At the top of A+ they race for a LOT of points,
The available points are dependent on the total DR of the drivers in the race. At the top of A+ they race for a LOT of points,
Ohhh i see thanks for clearing that up for me! Here I thought Kaz + the mods, were giving them magic beany points lol.

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All TS020s in my lobby, except two CLK-LMs and one ‘08 GT-R GT500. Q4! Had a very excellent fight for P4 in the last lap, and with the GT-R, too!

I think the guy in P1 got a 1-minute penalty - maybe for not pitting - but I suppose was far ahead enough to keep their position? I know it can take a while to go through the pits at Le Mans…
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Running in 3rd, Didn't drop a dash a fuel in on the stop and dropped to 8th under fuel saving 😭 Here's hoping the last slot is a good one!
Nice to have GTWS back, though this season leaves a lot to be asked for. 6 races, with some of the races being absolutely absurd (round 2 has a 10 minute quali into a 7 minute event... what? let alone the 2 hour wait for the next one!).

Mysteriously, my DR dropped to B shortly before the season started. I don't know how this happened! It's a good thing though, as I was only able to make 1 slot.
In the spirit of competition, I haven't done any practice and have let a roulette wheel pick my car.

Which gave me...

So I was basically doomed from the start. But that's all good, part of the fun.
Had to pick a nice livery. I've been a fan of the LOCTITE liveried NSX found in Gran Turismo 4 lately, so I grabbed that. It's only a shame we cannot have the mismatched coloured wheels like the real car has. Maybe in GT8.

Down in B DR I didn't expect to literally be the only non TS020 but I was, and in a hell of a car to stand out with (though funnily enough the livery makes it look like a TS020 anyway).
Qualifying went as expected. Stuck behind TS020's the whole time, because they were only faster where the only thing the car did was go straight. Finished 11th, which to be honest is 5 places better than I expected.

The lobby then crashed.
Great time spent, all in all. Lot of fun. Maybe GT8 wont be put together with wet glue.
GT1's, how is fuel looking for the Toyota? I won't be able to race until later tonight with probably only one shot at it. Are you fuel saving, short shifting or refueling in the pits?

Quick 15:00 race time as it's the only one I can do today. Got held up on the qual lap a bit (hard to find space sometimes) as I made a huge gap between myself and the car in front but two people got lose or spun and started back up right in front of me. Whatever.

Regardless, Q2. Lame race, 100% due to it was a glitched lobby. Q1 and I got away fine, but everyone behind was 'stuck.' They just sat there. When the time delta thing finally updated, P3 was ~15 seconds behind me. Thanks, Kaz!

So it was a two horse race and it was a fun lapish with the "Bentley" driver. Some back and forth, good racing room left, respectful and all that good stuff. Unfortunately he went wide going Tetra Rouge (on lap two) with me right behind and it cost him a ton of time, so no more fighting and drafting passed each other on back-to-back straights.

I pit on lap six as I was worried if I pit on lap five and the gaggle of cars who were behind didn't (thanks to their glitched delayed-start) I'd end up in the middle of them.

Not my favorite combo; would've been better with some weather! Seemed like a Daily C. I seriously considered running the McLaren as it is just really fun to drive here. But ultimately, I decided the four second lap time delta was too much.

Anyway, obligatory screenshots.




GT1's, how is fuel looking for the Toyota? I won't be able to race until later tonight with probably only one shot at it. Are you fuel saving, short shifting or refueling in the pits?

Very very minor savings required. If you're winding that pig out thru every gear for the full 10 laps you may be in trouble. Some some drafting, coasting, and/or short shifting you'll be fine. And when I say that, I mean for like a lap (total)... if even. I wasn't trying to fuel save, but keeping an eye on it and finished with like .3 laps left (which is a lot of LeMans).
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Pleased with my race, started P3, felt like I had great pace and equalled my fastest practice race time at 37:03, the French driver was just a little quicker though so a worthy winner. I did get FL but only on the last lap with 1 laps fresher tyres.

Total race time seemed very fast though for the points available in the lobby, anyone know how it would compare to a good A+ lobby?
196pts for my 2nd place, it was fun to be competing seriously again after maybe ~2 years away from GTWS.
Sometimes it's good to be different 😉

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240417225747.jpg

The Toyota is the faster car but not in my hands and those are the ones doing the driving, sometimes it's faster to stick with what you're most comfortable with rather than follow the herd. In that GT-One I would've been fighting for last.
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I'm not sure what the heck happened in that race.

First NA GT1 slot 240pts for 1st. Mostly A/S drivers, 2 A+/S. Q'd 3rd on the grid with a 3:37.9 which was the best race lap I had turned up to that point. Was feeling good going in to the race but once the lights went out I just proceeded to go backwards in a hurry. I don't know why but the car just would not respond to my inputs it felt like. Fell all the way back from 3rd to 11th. Managed to scrounge my way back up to 7th by the end. Don't really feel like running that again.
Just got 6th in probably bottom of the barrel GT1 class. All A/S drivers

1st would have been 175pts.

Funny enough I went faster in the race than any of my free practice, or qualifying.

heavy damage also means it will not repair....

I got rear end and had to carry a bad rear bumper for the first 5 laps.
GT1 North America 1st Slot, 215 point A/S Lobby.

Qualified 6th with a 40 even, only one second behind pole and one second behind my practice time. I was feeling pretty good for the race.

Start was good, got up to fifth after someone span out. Then, I started dropping like a stone. I had no race pace at all. Got passed up like a dirty shirt many times. Finished tenth for 134 points despite seeing people spin out left and right in front of me.

I think I'll cut my losses on this combo and call it a night.

Also, I saw I had rear aero damage at the end of lap 4, right after passing the pits, but I wasn't hit by anyone. That for sure cost me a top 8 and a DR up arrow.
What a disaster that was! Ran the 7PM EDT GT1 slot in North America. All A/S lobby. 160 points up for grabs. Door 14. Driving the GT-One.

Qualifying was about the only thing that went well. I started Q4 with a time of 3:40.638.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I got a good exit out of Tertre Rouge on Lap 1 and picked up a position to P3, which I held until I went into the sand on the Mulsanne Corner on the same lap.

It was all downhill from there. If I wasn't going into the sand, I was collecting track limit penalties -- all unforced, stupid mistakes. Dropped as low as P14 at one point.

I pitted on lap 4 to get out of traffic. I took new tires so I'd have at least some hope of salvaging some kind of pace toward back half of the race.

And it worked, I guess. I managed to work my way up to a P9 finish and 106 points. Still, I'm feeling rather disappointed with myself on this one.

Not going to try another, though. Too late in the day for that.

That's it for Nations Cup for me for a while. I'll be away for most of the rest of the rounds. Back for the final one. See you at Spa in the X2019s!
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My 7 pm CDT GT3 room was all-D/S, with 18 points for the win and me wearing door #8 of 15 (the 16th departed before warm-ups ended) on my Mercedes. The room was mostly Toyotas, with another pair of Mercedes, a BMW, and a 2016 Nissan thrown in for grins. As usual, I didn't take a qualifying time, while another thought about qualifying on intermediates and realized too late they were on, and another 3 not taking a time.

I could have been a contender for the pole, as the fast time (in a Toyota) was only 3:47 flat, with the faster Mercedes 2.5 seconds behind pole, and the Nissan 4.5 seconds behind pole. That sent me out 11th of 14 as another dropped out before the start.

The first couple laps were rather ugly as I let the other non-qualifiers by before Dunlop to try to ensure I wasn't part of carnage, so I was the first pit road (a stop-and-go) on lap 2. I picked up a pit-lane violation (I thought I not only entered pit lane on line, but also didn't cut the chicane that's just before the auto-drive start, but apparently the stewards disagreed), but as another of the backmarkers who had a lot of trouble early on also pitted then, I came out 13th. The cycle of pit stops got me up into the podium mix. While I didn't think I made any contact with one of the Toyotas in the Ford Chicane as he, another Toyota and I battled for 2nd-4th, I waited up for him after he spun, which allowed one of the other Mercedes to get on by both of us and dropped me down to 5th. That Toyota spun on his own a bit later to give me 4th. My well-worn tires didn't allow me to quite hold off the Mercedes going into the 2nd Mulsanne chicane after nosing ahead in the middle section of the Mulsanne straight on lap 9 or harass him into a mistake on the last lap. Still, I'll take 4th, though I forgot to check how many points that was worth.
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An exciting and very tense race!
I'm going to do the season on the Canadian account to be placed in more balanced splits. In this first round, I managed a pretty decent qualifying (6th) and moved up two positions in the race, to cross the finish line in 4th and put 310 points in the bank! No penalties and a clean race, in a very competitive lobby!

That was just mehh, and kind of boring to be honest.

First Slot NA GT1 - Low A/S Split, all Toyotas

A slight lag spike cost me a few tenths in an otherwise clean quali lap, putting me in 10th with a pretty clean start avoiding a couple spinners had me up into a battle for 5th. Unfortunately had a spin on my in-lap on Lap 6 giving me minor front aero damage. Didn't end up taking tires but I probably should have as the pace lost on worn tires was more than changing would have cost me. Finish P10, 100 Pts.

Missing Round 2, but looking forward to the Pre-Tuned cars race next week, as I haven't done one of those in GTWS yet.
Came back for slot 2. Definitely a lower lobby, only 192 pts for first vs 240 in the last one :( . Made pole pretty easy but ran wide in Arnage hitting the outside barrier giving me damage in the race and got passed for the lead on the 4th lap. Undercut the pit to fix the aero damage and just tried to keep it clean from there on and just brought home the 2nd. Good enough for me I guess.


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Slot 1: Qualified 5th in 3rd Split, got disconnected from 5th on Lap 8...
Slot 2: Was "door" #1 again like I was for Slot 1, only this time the win was worth 20 fewer points at 296, so I was worried I'd missed out on a chunk of points. I messed up my first out lap by cutting the corner before Indianapolis and getting a penalty too close to the penalty zone to have it register on my out lap, meaning it would've been applied to my flying lap (or invalidated it - I forget which), so I had to quickly bail and try again before I ran out of time to set a lap. I managed to start my flying lap with 20s left, and somehow put it on pole with a 3:37.8, which I'm pretty sure is my first championship pole in GT7! And at a track I'm actually not that fond of!

Me and the 2nd place qualifier broke away from the rest of the field, with him bump-drafting me whenever he got close enough. P2 pitted on Lap 4 while I carried on for another lap, and after I pitted, we met at T1 where he had the high ground I had to concede the lead. From then on he slowly walked away from me to a gap of over 3s before he took it super easy in the final sector and crossed the line almost exactly 2s ahead of me. I always hate finishing worse than I start, but this is a place I usually struggle for pace, even in cars I enjoy, so I'm still happy with this result. It ties my best ever position at Le Mans, and my 284 points is my higest-ever points total here too. Had I actually finished Slot 1, I would've been a distant P5 for only 263 points, so getting disconnected worked in my favor I guess (except for the lost DR...).
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