Grand Prix Legends

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by vat_man, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. vat_man

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    Well, we finally got our decent PC on Good Friday (AMD processor, not sure of the speed - came through my partner's brother's business, so since it was effectively free not asking questions - did have an Nvidia 3d card in it so I'm not complaining!).

    I picked up Grand Prix Legends dirt cheap a couple of weeks previousy, so I installed that and set up the ol' Logitech GT3 wheel.

    Holy crap that game's hard!!!!! No wonder so many of those blokes were killed - such angry, angry machines! Fantastic game, though - it's just scary that everytime you turn in you expect something bad to happen - oh yeah, that and the brakes don't work...
  2. -Fred-

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    i picked that game about 2 months ago... here are a few things i learned!

    -don't take the Lotus (fastest in the game) as your first ever car...
    -picking the Nurburgring for the first tests is not a good idea...
    -the Ferrari has the best sound i've ever heard!
    -1967 cars are tailhappy
    -the brakes dont work!

    it'S a very nice sim, though!
  3. Simon Tibbett

    Simon Tibbett

    United States
    Just bought a new Compaq with a AMD, hope to do serious gaming!