GT-One or Pikes Peak?

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    Well guys ... I am new to this website and I think that the GT-One is actually better than that of Escudo Pikes Peak when fully done up. Mine is at 980 something hp and is at the top of my machine test lists :lol:... so really please try this new 'thing' out...

    Oh and have you heard of the Arcade Mode glitch on Motor Sports Land? I know that you have to reverse onto the tyre barrier on the last turn facing the opposite turn to the start/finish line and it goes OFF COURSE, but I am stumped on the part where to complete the glitch and get a 'neverending straight'. I heard that you are meant to go around until the second bend on the next lap but there is meant to be a gap??? :confused: Is this true or is this a lie? This is an example of me trying to go through the barrier ... (:banghead: )
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    Welcome GTBli33ard (where did that come from?).
    I would like to belive that really but no, the escudo has too much kick out, he will accelerate in almost any gear faster than any car. The GTone is fast wins easily in the top speed test and the acceleration in sixth gear may be slighly better but in general acceleration the escudo doesn´t give much of a chance even without all the wall riding. But maybe yes in the right hands the GTone can be better I only belive that if they are driven with the same level of skill the escudo will win. Anyway that´s my thoughts here you can see more... lots more
    You will hear a lot about the drag cars because the thread is about top speed and the nissan 180sx drag car IS the fastest car in gt2.

    As for the "land bug" question here it is

    You´ll be probably asking a lot of questions that have been already discussed so next time try the "search" feature.
    No harm in bringing back a thread
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    Oh one more thing - next time post in the gt2 section because this sub-section is for settings and tunnings and most importantly it is a lot less visited so you may wait some time for replies ;)
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    quick question, what is damping for in the susp. tune section??
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    Save money and buy them both
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    gt one beacuse the car is faster then pikes peak but escudo is better if you will get a new record at gt2 stages __:tup:

    :bowdown: [R] Nisaan Skyline Pennzoil
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    i perfer the gt 1