GT PSP on PPSSPP with Steam Controller Configuration

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I just had a thought about trying to use Steam's controller configurations (PS4 controller in my case) to try and get some kind of analog throttle/brakes on the game.

I used another method before that kind of worked, Analog-to-Digital, the problem was that no matter how much you moved the analogs/triggers, it oscillated a lot. With Steam, it works pretty good, not fully analog, but using turbo mode at the maximum value keeps it very still. And you can configure the triggers to have two separate commands: In this case, one is just the throttle button, the other is the same button with turbo.

Thing is, I can't seem to find out how to alternate between them. If I press the trigger quickly it activates the button, lightly it activates with turbo, but I can't get it to switch back and forth depending on analog input without completely releasing it. I'm pretty sure I tried every type of mode for it (The "Soft Pull Trigger Style" option, but I don't know the English names of the styles themselves)

Anyone knows how it could work? Or maybe try to figure it out? This steam configuration thing works for PS4 and X360 controllers, maybe XB1 controllers too? And also DInput, pretty much any controller you might have (But this option is only available for triggers, so you would need to have those)

You would have to make it sort of like this:

| Throttle - w/Turbo | Throttle |

EDIT: I had to go out. Just wanted to add some more stuff:
Although in turbo mode it stays fixed on a certain point, you can adjust it if you hold the button, and then switch to turbo. It helped a lot, I tried with just using the normal buttons and switching to the triggers (with turbo), and even with a setting I was previously using on that car for drifting, I still could do corners without sliding, and brake without wheel-lock.
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