GT Sport Circuits Quiz: Can You Spot the DLC Track From These Detail Shots?

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Good fun, thanks for taking the time to make.
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New Jersey
Bubba Burger is easy. What's the only nation with 50% of adults who are obese? Out of the answers given, what's the only circuit that is from said nation?

Is this comment really necessary? :irked:

9/15. Apparently I'm looking at the wrong things when racing. The funniest one was

"It's the bridge at Autopolis." I'm like "There's a bridge at Autopolis?" :lol:

I said the same thing. I had to actually sit and think where the bridge actually was on the track :confused:

12 out of 15 btw. Not bad.
United States
Theresa, Wisconsin
You got 11 out of 15

An eye for detail

This is some good knowledge on the game's DLC tracks. We're impressed.

Not bad for several guesses.