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Balance of Performance for Gr. [] Weekly Time Trials?

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This thread seems fun! Can I join?

I've taken both cars out for a quick spin around Spa, and just as I remembered, both are god awful to drive. But I'm also very, very surprised by how close they are in terms of performance.

Both cars are so ludicrously fast, you'll be doing speeds in excess of GT3 cars... without GT3 tyres, downforce, or suspension. It's all a very jarring experience, and I'd argue they have more power than they really need on a track. Both are very unnerving, challenging drives as a result, and it was hard for me to even get a read on how either of these two cars handle. It goes against every instinct and fibre of my body to treat Blanchimont as a hard braking corner instead of a lift off corner, and to brake for Les Combes way before the first 200m board.

But, of the two, I find the RUF to be... rougher (eh? eh? :sly: I KNOW IT'S PRONOUNCED "ROOF" SHUT UP LET ME HAVE MY BAD PUN). It was an excruciating challenge to even get it to meet with the apex of any corner, and at low speed corners like the Bus Stop Chicane, it loses out markedly to the GT, having much, MUCH lower gearing than the GT, making power that much more uncontrollable. As per annoying Porsche tradition, first and second are miles apart, so you don't have much engine braking to help grab the car at these low speed turns.

The GT is a much better balanced package. It's better looking, and I can actually see out of it. It's not even in Race mode in the game, which makes its ride soft, unpredictable, and cancels out any downforce the body might've made. I've reviewed this car in the Car of the Week thread, where I explain this in more detail. Still, for being hobbled by being in the wrong mode and still being able to closely fight the CTR, it's the clear winner for me. I'm even able to set faster times in the GT, simply because I can actually get it to meet the apexes of corners sometimes.

Both cars are Beaters- I mean, uh... my vote goes to the Ford GT.