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Hello everyone round the world welcome to gta sports where we do gta and gt sport racing before we start let talk about the rule we would like you to read and take in to the mind for this fun league. This will be only for the gt sport section of the league

Rule 1 no dirty racing on both racing league we like good clean racing and if you do have a crash or someone else has please talk to the FIA Bahr27 Superhero10 TitchySmalley1901 for us to talk about the crash to see who in the right or the wrong or a racing incident

Rule 2 be happy and friendly to everyone around you we do know how it feel for some driving to talk to you in a rude way and we won't allow it in this league we respect everyone in the racing and you can have banner but don't go to far as they may take it the other way round

Rule 3 try and keep the chat in it own way in the league we know that we have two different racing league in one but try and keep it in it's own chat if you do by accident don't worry

Rule 4 just get out there and have fun

Hello everyone welcome to gt sport racing league racing league this is the rule on how this league will work on everything for the full and mini championships so let get to the rule

Rule 1 clean racing:
With this rule it very easy no taking out other driver this league is for clean racing and anything what happened in the race will be look on if you have a crash pls send it to the FIA so the admin Bahr27 Superhero And Titchy can look at the crash and see who in the right or wrong or a racing incident

Rule 2 following the flag rules:
Make sure you follow to flag rule this is mainly the blue flag rule so slow driver move out of the way and make it easy for everyone

Rule 3 bop will be on and no tuning:
The bop is to balance the cars out and no tuning the cars as well this all on the driver head and to see how good are all the racing driver out there for this league

Rule 4 sign up and register
make sure your sign up before you join in the race as we dont want someone just to randomly join in when there not sign up if you miss out you and wait for the next championship begins

Rule 5 dont be in the way on qualify:
When a driver on a flying lap make sure you move out the way so they can get on with there flying lap