GT2 Close Race Compendium - The Unofficial '200 A-Spec Points' Club!

United Kingdom

So's me again. A whole 11 years after first joining this site, and now 18 years after getting GT2, I'm back once again.

I'm like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Just when you think I'm dead... :crazy:

ANYWAY. I had an idea that I'd like to pursue - as I dive back into the old GT games again, I had an idea for a thread where people could share the closest races they've ever had, and continue to have, in GT2. Inspired partly by Smallhorses' 200 A-Spec Points Club from the GT4 forums, it'll work on a similar basis - you can submit your choice of car that gave you a great race in a specific event, with a standard formula, and I'll add it to this post. Definitions of a great race or close race can vary, but generally work on a principle of around a MOV of under 1.5 seconds - be that if you finished 1st or 2nd. ;)

The idea is to encourage people to revisit this game and have their own fun, exploring new possibilities for races. That's what I enjoyed about the 200 A-Spec Club, and Smallhorses' other enduro compendiums - being inspired to make my own attempts at races by figuring out what cars, horsepower ratings etc would give the conditions for (hopefully!) a close race. If you have any you remember from the past, go ahead and submit them - or if you're like me and revisiting the game now, let's explore some new possibilities! :cheers:

Additionally, feel free to add race reports with your submissions. Tell the stories of your races! I love writing and reading such things, and given there's never been a Race Reports sub-forum in the GT2 forum, let's go crazy :)

The format for submissions will be as follows:

Event Name (e.g. Clubman Cup)
Username | Car Name | Horsepower | Weight | Modifications Installed | Result & MOV | Closest AI Car Model

I'll start updating here once we start getting submissions. :)