GT2 Rally Car Tuning Setups!!

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    I have been trying for so long to find any threads on Rally Car setups. Seems like everyone is more interested in finding better ways to set their other cars for GT2. I would appreciate anyone who could help me to understand what settings are needed for Rally Cars.:D
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    The most important is the LSD settings. From what I heard from a buddy, from a tech, from Subaru Rally Team USA, is that if you set the front LSD (Accelerate) higher, it'll give you more oversteer going out of corners. This was heard of from the Rally Fest here in MN last year before the Rally in Bemiji MN. Cool, ey?

    My opinion on this is that it'll only help in low speed turns where there are a lot of grip as in the WRC and some SCCA Pro Rally courses. In high speed turns, this setting is too much because the LSD is activating, which makes the car sort of push/understeer.

    Another would be the suspension. Camber shouldn't be set so much. Anywhere from 0-1.5 is good. You should also understand how the "Toe" affects your cornering while in a turn. Most times the "toe" will "Toe-out" when the suspension compresses (outside suspension). My personal experience would be to set the front "Toe-in"(ex: 0.20) and the rear "Toe-out"(ex: -0.20).

    Because in GT2, the roads aren't like the ones where the WRC Cars are running as in the Safari, the stabilizers can be set higher than usual. From 4-6 is well and will help in high speed cornering.

    Ride height should also be looked at. In GT2, there is no damage done to the chassis if the vehicle is put through serious corners with ruts. But ride height also has affects on 'if the vehicle will drift further or not'. In my experience, with a lower ride height you can take some higher speed turns faster than that of a higher ride height. A higher ride height also makes you drift further and longer. In the real world, the ride height is there so you can drive over rocks, and uneven roads (Safari Rally).

    Dampers should be set to where they'll absorb the spring articulation. The rebound should be set high so when you land from a jump, your car doesn't jump back up. Setting the rebound high also helps when you corner left and right, because it keeps the sides from lifting (suspension dropping) due to a stiffer resistance.

    I hope that helps, any more questions, I'll try my best to answer.
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    Hi FuJi,
    Thanks for your imformation. This will really help me alot, because from your imformation, I see that I have chosen the wrong settings on quiet a few things. It's a wonder that I have done as well as I have with the settings that I was putting on the cars. See, I am the moderator of another GT2 group, and we run a Rally Challenge each month. And before now, I have been able to come close to the times of our other members, but not as close as I would like to. So, I will try your suggestions and hopefully I will be able now to achive faster times on the Rally Challenges and beat our fastest members times. Thanks again.
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    Nice info :tup:
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    Thanks for the help; I've never been a great rally car driver; some here and there, but I usually need a power advantage against some of the AI cars.