GT2 Speedrunning

United States
Parma Heights, Ohio, USA
So, I've been playing GT2 since around 2000, and for months I've been working on speedrunning it ever since I found out that I can enter National events with any region's cars, and worked on a route for Any%. And now, I have the World Record, though not many people play. I figure I would spread the word along that I now mod the GT2 speedruns on for the leaderboards. I know you all are good people and would like a better reason to keep or start playing this great game again. Maybe this thread could be about discussing running and strategies.

(My WR run)

If this thread is in some way inappropriate, delete if need be.
I've risen to challenge you one day!

For now I'm focusing in unofficial license speedrunning. Though it only makes a small portion of the beginning of the any% run it's good practice for it and in general helps me get motivated for the real thing.