GT4 Prologue is at NAIAS 2005!

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    I was just at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Saturday. Well, cool cars aside, Subaru has 2 Gran Tursimo simulators in the Cobo Center basement. They're the same simulators you saw in the first official GT4 teaser trailer.

    The odd thing about them is, they're not both Prologue. One is GT Concept, and the other is GT4 Prologue: Subaru Edition Version 2 (according to the title screen anyway). Now, the simulator with GT Concept only has a rally course, and you can only drive the WRX Rally car, but it moves up and down and shakes according to the road. Unfortunately, the one with Prologue was either broken, or Prologue didn't support it having the simulator move around. Both simulators had the new GT wheel (let me tell you, that thing is a LOT harder to drive with than the DS2!). I'm not sure how old the Prologue disk is, it had moving crowds and spectators but no backfire, so I think it was an earlier build.

    For those of you who are going to the show, you can get to it through the VW exhibit; go down the stairs in the corner to the basement. There are also stairs by the Audi exhibit if I remember right.

    For Prologue, there are 2 tracks available, Tsukuba and Grand Canyon. There are also about 10 different Subarus to choose from; the old Impreza rally car, the new Impreza rally car, the Legacy B4, the standard Impreza, and a few others that I don't remember. There is a time limit (I think it was 180 seconds, but don't hold me to that - I was more interested in the track than the countdown timer ;) ). The only downside is that they make you pay a dollar, which is officially going to some sort of donation thingy.

    I know some of you are going to call BS on this, unfortunately I don't have a digicam but maybe some other members who are going to the show can provide proof for you.

    Dodge has a few games upstairs as well: Tony Hawk Pro Skater: Jeep Edition (no idea what the point is because I didn't see any Jeeps in there, but whatever). There's also Nascar: Chase for the Cup with a few Dodge cars available near the Ram and Dakota displays. Both of those are on XBox.

    There's also another game in the downstairs VW exhibit, but I don't know what it is, I didn't stop play that one.
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    Well, in our town (Montreal Canada), i visit Montreal Auto Show and in the Subaru booth and there was GT4: Prologue Subaru Version. It was 1080i (3 TV), with the Logitech 900 degree. It's in a semi-bucket seat with a lots of vibration (The thing in arcade). And yes, there is a time limit. The tachometer was the recent GT4 tachometer (Not Prologue). And i didn't saw GT Concept. Too bad.
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    That wouldn't be prologue, prologue has 5 tracks and not taht many Subaru's

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    Figures... they just had a stupid GTConcept Subaru simulator at the LA show.