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Soon as I get off, Im heading to the nearest BestBuy with flash drive in hand. Ima have that GT5 Demo! I don't even care which build!

Who's with me?! :gtpflag:
Doing standard cars better, really not, by 3 month to build one premium car, they won´t do 800+st cars in 3weeks.

So kaz had downloaded wrc yesterday and thought: Oh, nice i want that ... in my game.
In the US, 'Holiday Season' is the period between thanksgiving (Nov 25th this year) and New Year's day.

Ok thanks.

But why should we believe them this time? I understand if they have problems getting the game ready but they shouldn't be so fast with the release dates if they weren't sure. This Sony guy at E3 makes it all feel so wrong.

It all happens at 0:30. :ouch:

They should be careful that the game won't turn old before release.
Noooo, I could have known this was about to happen. It always does with the GT franchise. I can't remember a GT game (execept GT1) that wasn't official delayed. Well my G27 and WSP can go upstairs. How will I tell my boss my vacation had been delayed??
I'm frantically refreshing the EU PS Blog... I'm hoping this is SCEA caving in against Call of Duty and not a production or development delay.... but with Russia and Germany, who knows? If it's not delayed in Europe, importing may be an option... but this wishful thinking and nothing more at this point.

No's delayed in Japan,too.We all know Japanese don't like FPS:indiff:
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Bloody hell, I'm feeling pretty pee'd off now, Its even worse they havent given another date, will it have to go through the age rating process again since that would add another month or so.

My mates are now getting sick of me talking about gt5 and now this delay is going to be endless mocking. :(


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This is... well not all that surprising. However, it is very disappointing. I have planned my last few days of vacation for that week. I guess I'll still take it, but I'm not sure yet.

However, the most disappointing thing, is that we didn't get a new date or a reason. How long have they seen this coming?

Well, I won't be one that says that PD takes fans for granted etc, but I do think they have a lack of organization.


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It is definitly because of sound complains! Are you happy now guys? The McLaren F1 will sound like a McLaren F1, but in 2011 ! D Sounds good to me!

You are joking right.

No I think your actually serious.
This is definitely the biggest screw-up in gaming history! 3 weeks before release, I mean come on... thats almost like holding candy before a child and pull it away the last second making nananana sounds!
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Well this is just 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬, 🤬 and 🤬, sorry, couldn't find the appropriate words to describe this situation although why am I somehow not surprised this would happen?