GT5 prologue online features

please no
Online Garage
Perhaps local garages rather than exclusively online in their own garages. Friends can see your garage and what not.

Voice Chat
Talk online.

Head to Head Racing
One on One Battle chance to say?

Bulletin Board
News and such.

Time Trial
Race against the time with friends?

Spectator Mode
Perhaps a special tender, the online mode in the game is obviously watching me.

Track Day

Team Builder
Racing teams management, right?

B-Spec Race
? ?

Club Builder
What is the difference between this and team builder?

License Test
Obtain unique characteristics?

Coloring / Livery Editor
Vehicle decals, stickers feature?

Drift Contest
GT HD degree of drift?

Number Plate Editor
Editing plates?

Tunning / Setting Features
Exactly what it says.

Race Builder Tool
Make your own races.

Friend List
Registration friend, PSN is a list of friends when we know works.

Photo Album
PC Support has been able to save 46.

Normal people? Wow, an auction of the bridge?

II icelt II
Well to be honest I read that link a little differently, I see it as the anticipated (as we all know PD when it comes to over promising) online features for the FULL retail version of GT5.

I think we all would agree that GT5:P will have a much reduced set of online modes.

As an aside, patriotzero it would probably be more appropriate for you to wrap quotes around the post as all of the included content is copied from the link. Right now it kinda reads like the commentary is yours where in fact it is not.