GT6 Duel of the Week 2 - The Last Lap

GT3 vs What???

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I know I never participate but I haven't even turned my PS3 on since GT Sport came out, and I haven't even played THAT in two weeks or so...

Here are my times from GT Sport on Suzuka East

0:55.952 - Ferrari F40
0:56.326 - Nissan GT-R Premium Edition
0:56.850 - Shelby Cobra 427

I don't have a time for the Cobra at Mid-Field Raceway for some reason. Was it expensive? Maybe it was impossible to drive. Or I just somehow forgot about it, which would be stupid of me.
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Getting a little emotional right now. This was the first game I had ever pre-ordered, and the time has finally come to close down the community for it.

So, all four events have officially closed. I am super happy at the turnout we've had for these, especially given our turnouts for the past handful of months since GT Sport rolled into town. I'd like to give my thanks to all of the amazing folks that participated and all the folks that made this community almost like a small family. You guys have added nearly a solid 3 years worth of replayability to this game for me, even after I had long since cleaned out all of the single player events. I'd say we had pretty interesting beginnings back in June of 2015 when @Cowboy started this club with a nifty idea in mind, and in short order, we had a pretty solid community. Now it's time to wrap it up for GT6, one last time, let's see how everyone did!

Week #126 Results

Matterhorn Rotenboden Time Trial:

Shelby Cobra 427 '66

1st. @Vic Reign93 – 1:42.340
2nd. ThrasherDBS – 1:44.586
3rd. @BenMillard – 1:47.821
4th. @Rinsky – 1:48.340

Ferrari F40 '92

1st. @Vic Reign93 – 1:40.810
2nd. ThrasherDBS – 1:45.150
3rd. @MrWaflz55 – 1:45.510
4th. @BenMillard – 1:45.909
5th.@Rinsky – 1:46.825

Nissan GT-R '07

1st. @Vic Reign93 – 1:39.045
2nd. ThrasherDBS – 1:42.047
3rd. @BenMillard – 1:42.097
4th. @Draggon – 1:43.229
5th. @Rinsky – 1:43.584
6th. @MrWaflz55 – 1:45.510

Trial Mountain Drift Trial:

Shelby Cobra 427 '66

1st. @Vic Reign93 – 27,277
2nd. ThrasherDBS – 22,598

Ferrari F40 '92

1st. @Vic Reign93 – 24,135
2nd. ThrasherDBS – 18,473

Nissan GT-R '07

1st. @Vic Reign93 – 23,300
2nd. ThrasherDBS – 16,076

Special Stage Route 5 Open-Swim Drift:

1st. @Vic Reign93 – 32,486 – Chevrolet Corvette Stingray L46 350 (C3) '69
2nd. ThrasherDBS – 20,019 – Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R '00
3rd. @MrWalfz55 – 10,501 – Toyota SPRINTER TRUENO GT-APEX (AE86) '83

Toscana Time Trial:

1st. @Vic Reign93 – 1:40.343 – Subaru IMPREZA Sedan WRX STI '10
2nd. @BenMillard – 1:42.555 – Subaru IMPREZA Sedan WRX STI '10
3rd. @Vic Reign93 – 1:45.164 – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR T.M. SCP '99
4th. @Vic Reign93 – 1:46.082 – Subaru IMPREZA Coupe WRX typeR STi Version VI '99
5th. @Vic Reign93 – 1:46.486 – Nissan SKYLINE GT-R (R32) '89
6th. @BenMillard – 1:46.518 – Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V-spec II (R32) '94
7th. ThrasherDBS – 1:47.978 – Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V-spec II (R32) '94
8th. ThrasherDBS – 1:47.982 – Subaru IMPREZA Coupe 22B-STi Version '98
9th. ThrasherDBS – 1:47.993 – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR T.M. SCP '99
10th. @Vic Reign93 – 1:50.296 – Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6) '06
11th. @Vic Reign93 – 1:50.590 – SRT Viper GTS '99
12th. ThrasherDBS – 1:53.487 – SRT Viper GTS '02
13th. ThrasherDBS – 1:54.106 – Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6) '06

And a fitting end to this thread would be for @Vic Reign93 to have a clean sweep of all of the events. A handful of us seem to have our roles here in this club. @Cowboy is Fearless Leader Emeritus, @MrWaflz55 is our Fearless Leader, I'm the curator of the online events, and @Vic Reign93 is our driving ace. Some say, he's even The Stig's alter-ego. Nobody knows for sure. The fact remains, he's the ultimate champion of our events, with @BenMillard taking a respectable second for most of our events. I'm genuinely surprised I landed a consistent second on the Rotenboden Trial, but I guess that's a home-field advantage for you. The Matterhorn Rotenboden and SSR5 (the venue for the Open-Swim Dorifuto Event) were the two tracks I'd test the cars on before we made an online club within the game.

I discovered this thread back when they were testing out the Toyota Supra versus the R34 Skyline GT-R, but I didn't get my write-up done before the week ended, so my debut was the fourth duel between the Vauxhall Vectra and the Citroen C4. Not the most exciting matchup, but little did I know that I'd continue this for years. With GT6 done, it's time to move onto GT Sport. I'm about to go on vacation so it could very well be Sunday before results from this duel on Suzuka Circuit get posted unless someone else decides to compile them all.

I look forward to helping this community keep going strong through GT Sport and maybe beyond. But for now, it's time to close the book on an era that brought me a lot of joy, fun, and happiness.



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I really wish I had found some time to actually keep my word and make that video.

The truth of the matter is, I lost interest in GT6 for a while. I was too focused on classwork and getting my life sorted out. But GT6 did something for me.

I connected with new people, here and in the COTW thread. I learned new things about myself as a driver. I formed a team, strapped my boots on, and put myself through two years of international rallying. I earned two reliable friends out of this and to this day we all get along like we were never strangers.

Reflecting back on this thread, I deeply regret not making more time to take part in it. There were a lot of diverse cars we covered. Some were fantastic, some were good, and some were just potatoes. Everyone learned something new every week. Maybe that car they shunned had hidden depths. Maybe what they thought was the best car ever got overturned by an unexpected foe.

The point is, no two weeks were ever the same, and we had such an immense and deep pool of cars to pull from to study and learn from, and I will miss that part of this thread (as GTS dropped a lot of the cars).

Looking back at GT6 as a game, I loved it. Sure, it was broken. Sure, it had issues. But at the end of the day, it was an experience. THink of it like a pet.

GT6 represents that shaggy, beat-up mutt that you fall in love with at the animal shelter and just have to take home with you. It tries its hardest to love you to its fullest, but it can't because of how it was made. And you still love it unconditionally.

For me, GT6 was that mutt. It was a bit of a broken mess, but that was what made it so special.

Farewell, Gran Turismo 6. You brought my childhood back to me.

This video I made in 2015, in my honest opinion, exemplifies all that was great about GT6. While I didn't have a lot of stock to work with, I made do with what I had.


And as a bonus, the very first video that got me into making GT montages:
Hey, this duel will be closing up in a couple hours, so if you haven’t yet voted, i implore you to participate before we wrap up. Also I’d like my final post to be the last one in this thread, please and thanks.
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Well I don't know what car I should pick. First off I did all the time trials with 100% stock cars and No oil changes or body rigidity upgrade also no assist but ABS well I did use TC on the cobra only. I did this because I needed them stock to put up against their GTS counterparts.

To my surpise I was faster with every car on GT6 at Suzuka than I was on GTS. I couldn't believe it. The cars are so much more planted on Sport than GT6 especially the Ferrari. The only explanation I can come up with is that the brakes were better on GT6 then on sport. Sport does not have an individual front & rear brake bias like GT6. Anyway to my vote. Yes the GTR is the faster machine on both consoles but the Ferrari F40 it's so much more fun to drive and the Cobra is just a hand full.

Surprisingly from what you might think I am not taking the GTR. Yes its the outright lap time winner but it doesn't put a smile on my face like the F40 does.

My vote Ferrari F40.


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I'm going to give my vote to the GT-R. As much as I hate to admit it, the modern 4WD and better technology makes it easier to push to its limits.
That said, there is definitely something to be said for mastering two angry RWDs and wringing the most out of them.


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Hi, it's been a while.

I've had some experience with all three of these cars. Simply put, the GT-R wins for driveability, F40 wins for looks, and the Cobra wins for being the most fun to drive. So for me, all three win!
Hi, it's been a while.

I've had some experience with all three of these cars. Simply put, the GT-R wins for driveability, F40 wins for looks, and the Cobra wins for being the most fun to drive. So for me, all three win!

Long time no see! So I suppose those votes cancel out, er...

Apologies for the bluntness but... was this even a vote here?

Vic Reign93

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Tough call really.

If you want the fastest around a track, you take the GT-R.

If you want the most capable drifter of the 3, you take the Cobra.

Me? I’m taking the F40 and now I’ll explain why.

It’s twitchiness makes it somewhat decent at drifting and if you stay on top of it, it can put down a hot lap, but it’s not as simple as that.

It comes back to PD and how they messed up when it came to the specs of the F40.

Visually it looks like a normal F40, But it’s got the US spec weight of 1352kgs while having none of the US Spec visuals, plus it’s not as powerful as the US spec either as the power was upped to just over 500hp to offset the weight gain, but we have the car with around 478hp.

Then we have the weight distribution at 40/60 instead of 42/58 like IRL and the gearing is way too long than the real life models.

Basically the F40 got shafted big time on its actual specs.

And yet... I can’t help but love it. :D

If it had its stats properly corrected, I’d stick my neck out and say it would be a lot closer to the GT-R on the track while being more fun to drive.

I’m picking the F40 because it’s an injustice that such a icon was botched this badly and yet still put up the numbers it did.

Verdict: F40 👍

Also sorry/not sorry about locking out all the events. :P


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I'm so sorry guys, I really wanted to contribute to this last ever duel! But juggling moving house, finishing up COTW, and grinding to get $50m, I just plain ran out of free time. Thanks to @Cowboy and @MrWaflz55 For hosting, everyone else for competing and of course, hope to see you all again on GT Sport!

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Tremendous turn-out.

I'm so disappointed that I missed them turning off the website. Lost some of my final club event results. For sure, turn off the game servers, but leave the website up! It should be an archive, a monument to the years of extra life the online community gave to this game. Years we spent together.

This forum will continue to carry the championships, events and special clubs like this one which created entertainment and new driving challenges every time I wanted to play.
Hey guys, hope you're all having a fantastic Easter with your families. Well, that was the last duel of GT6. I'm incredibly grateful for anyone who came to the final events or put in a vote if they couldn't. I'll start by saying that the GT-R was easiest to drive on the mountain course. The other two cars had oversteer issues, and the Cobra was so bad I couldn't even finish a clean lap. I just needed a bit more practice on the Matterhorn. While the GT-R in this duel was the fastest, on a flat road course I'd much prefer the Ferrari F40. It's faster than the Cobra and more fun than the GT-R. So in my opinion it's the best compromise of the three. Plus, it's a legendary collectors piece too. So my vote goes to the Ferrari F40. The GT-R only came out on top because of it's understeering tendencies and stability over the sudden elevation changes.

Let's tally up our final votes...


GT-R wins.

My vote goes to the Cobra because it started the trend of putting a big engine in a small car

Here are my times from GT Sport on Suzuka East

0:55.952 - Ferrari F40

My vote Ferrari F40.

I'm going to give my vote to the GT-R. As much as I hate to admit it

Verdict: F40 👍

So, the winner of our final duel is the...


Ferrari F40!

Just a notice, the next duel will be on GT Sport of course, but it'll be launching on Monday of next week, like a proper duel should. Now, for the final address of this thread.

Please remember that the post after this is the final post of the thread, I'd like there to be none after this next one.

I've had some experience with all three of these cars. Simply put, the GT-R wins for driveability, F40 wins for looks, and the Cobra wins for being the most fun to drive. So for me, all three win!

I suspect Cowboy's vote was basically something like this:
"Cobra, GT-R, or F40?"
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The Last Lap

“Come for the cars, stay for the people.”


It’s hard to believe that I’ve been running this thread for more than a year now. I started out on GTPlanet in the summer of 2014, however I didn’t actually make my first post on the original GT6 Duel of the Week thread until October 2nd, 2015: (

I was late to the party, most of our regulars were around back since the start of the thread and have been on GTP longer than me. As evidence by that quote above, my first posts were of poor quality. It was literally just me barging in and demanding the 458 vs MP4 duel! I probably wasn’t even planning on sticking around if it didn’t happen to be honest, but something about this thread caught my attention. Sure, it was just adding an extra thing onto the side of a game that I already played religiously at that point, but it added something to my experience with GT6 that I felt like I was missing out on. I had frequented the forum before but never really posted anything huge. I didn’t even post anything in the greeting thread, but this place let me interact with people who shared my love of cars and this game.

That’s right, the thread that got me hooked with this website is the one you’re in right now... Err… The one before this thread, actually!

So, I invested into this thread in the long run! I started posting longer reviews, I created banners that added style to my presentations, I got to know the people around the thread more and eventually I became a frequenter of GTPlanet. In fact, I post or check in at least once a day now. This was my first experience in forum posting, and it’s the best darn one I’ve ever been in.

I became the main thread-runner after Cowboy left the original thread to deal with life things, probably. So, it was only natural for me to jump and beg and squeal for the opportunity. Eventually, that’s what ended up happening. I became the fearless leader and the thread continued. (Insert Number Posts) and about a year later, we’re here today at the end of the era for mainline Gran Turismo games. Before we say farewell to our time on the 7th generation of consoles, let’s look back at some of the awesome moments that happened here.

- GT6 Duel of the Week Special Stages, where I got to race and trade paint with the best of you.

- Vic dominating the time trials consistently.

- Giant Vertical Column of Stone’s sass.

- Cowboy coming back for a little bit and disappearing again.

- Community features being added to GT6

- The Toyota FT-1 being featured so much like it was our mascot or something.

- SuzukaEastMaven’s old lap time videos on Youtube.

- The GT6 Car Olympics!

- The guy who was threatening to spam our thread if we didn’t do his duel.

- Draggon spinning out at Midfield’s home straight. “LOL, rip”.

- The epic crash I had with Vic that gave the Pepto Bismol express the victory at Apricot Hill.

- Struggling to balance the BMW M3 GTR against the DTM cars.

- The forgotten 4th bonus stage.

- Ryk and his craziness.....Yesterday!

- Thrasher taking over the club because I was too lazy to keep updating it!

- That OP that’s months out of date!

- The Formula GT against Senna’s Lotus 97T!

- Brand Bias!

- Hundreds of awful puns! (

- Choose LIFE!

- BaronBlitzRed’s awful connection in the Bonus Stages!

In other words, it’s been an absolute blast hosting this thread. But regrettably, since the servers have shut, it’s time to bid farewell to this chapter of our story. I’ll miss all the fun times I had in this thread, with my copy of GT6 and my PS3 in general. We all have to move on at some point, hey?

If you’re reading this, regulars and infrequent posters alike, you have my thanks for being a part of this journey. I can’t express over the internet how much I’m thankful for all the great times we’ve had together. I’ll never forget this little corner of the internet. My corner, our corner.

I’m getting all sappy now, so without further ado, click here to journey into our next chapter. Farewell, Gran Turismo 6.
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