GT7 Complaints

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I dont care about visual damage, gt7 biggest flaw is no doubt the single player,
They really drop the ball here,
When is split screen going to be fixed in gt7
This is absolutely BS. Split screen still rooted. Cmon guys. At least acknowledge the issue exists in the ps5 known issues update.
Might be seeking a refund as the game is not fit for purpose.

It’s not difficult to send feedback to the devs, just pick any of the official social media accounts and post your opinions there and then they’ll take a look at that if and when they are interested in it.

Best regards, All.
Can you raise the split issue with them
To All,
Firstly, does anyone else struggling even managing to send a complaint, think the designers know they've made a sub-par game and thus made it difficult to send feedback, so instead I'll use this.
Playing online is lawless and like gaming 10 years ago, there is no clear scoring or penalty system with people just ramming you off the road to take the victory with I assume only the 'driving safety' only slightly impacted.

When you compare GT7 to F1 2022 or Iracing, there is a staggering difference and it a shame a first but also outrageous for the game to cost a such at the same time.
Anyone looking to get this as a 'real simulation' don't.
When i read this kinda of stuff, and sadly theres plenty enough everywhere...

i´ll give an RL example also in GT7, someone from a private league was complaining exactly about the same thing, the diference its that in private leagues there are people judging, so people must complain so they can act in case they miss the incidents...

Small detail..., the guy that complained in the team channel..instead of complaining to the league organisation and was so blind like the majority that complain about this kinda stuff that it hurt to read such nonsense stuff.., and sorry in my case i dont give any credit to this kinda of complains...

The guy i´m talking about its new to the league so he started in the last devision duhhh...

Saying this last sentence dont need to be a genious to understand why theres so many incidents, people dont know enough and do a lot of mistakes and think they are playing offline or probably think they can drive as they wish with no rules, and offcourse the real dirty drivers...

The game have nothing to do with it..., neither PD can do nothing about those cases neither the best penalty system will solve that...

Get better, increase your rank, increase your skills, calm down, learn to avoid dirty drivers and people with less experience..., yes you can learn all that and apply it in races.

And before starting to call other Sims into the table dont even try it cause its exactly like in GT in terms of dirty driving in lower ranks...
As for the game price you must be kiding saying GT its a expensive game when shortly after that you put Iracing in the table, i take that as a joke it must be.

This kinda compains might work for some people or for people that arent aware of the reality and that only see and ear whats inside a bubble somewhere in their thoughts.

Even in higher ranks there are dirty people, mistakes and so on but in very less extend, its the same in every game outhere and what sets people apart its the ones that improve and get over it and understand all the nuances that the games and racing have, knowing how to read diferent drivers in the grid and how to approach each race and the drivers that are arround you...

So no your complains in my opinion worth nothing and whish the majority could be erased but it is what it is...
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