GT7 race photos thread

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I really love your work!
But, I have a question. What touring car championship of what era are you replicating in these photos? I'm not familiar with it, sorry
Just general Group A from ‘86-‘90. Pretty much based on the Japan Touring Car Championship and Australian Touring Car Championship series.

How did you get the rain to pop like that?!
I was doing a round of the WTC 800 event in Spa, and I decided to take a picture of it when it rained at night. Originally the imaged looked like this:
Spa 24h layout__18.jpeg

With most of the pictures that I've done recently, I used Photoshop (or any image editing software) to "touch up" a bit.
By getting the rain to pop, lowering the contrast should help to make the rain be more visible (I could have tried to do it in-game, but I got so used to doing it after exporting it...). But then again, Spa has some nice lighting for night-time pics for the PS4 version at least...
Screenshot 2024-06-19 204601.png

(The Photos app in W11 used as an example.)
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