GTP Cool Wall: 1979-1986 Mercury Capri/Ford Mustang (Mexican Market)

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1979-1986 Mercury Capri/Ford Mustang (Mexican Market)

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Poll 1392: 1979-1986 Mercury Capri/Ford Mustang (Mexican Market) nominated by @GranTurNismo

Body Style:
2-door convertible, 3-door hatchback
Engine: 2.3L I4, 2.3L turbocharged I4, 2.8L V6, 3.3L V6, 3.8L V6, 4.2L V8, 5.0L HO 4-BBL V8, 5.0L HO EFI V8
Power: 86-210hp
Torque: 119-295 lb-ft
Weight: 1198-1325kg
Transmission: 3-speed automatic, 4-speed automatic, 4-speed manual, 5-speed manual
Drivetrain: front-engine, rear-wheel drive
Additional Information: the Mexican Market 3rd-generation Mustang from 1979 to 1986 was a rebadged US-spec Capri. The US-spec 3rd-gen Mustang is not included in this nomination. In the mid-1980s, the Capri RS was the quickest product Ford US had made; it had a 0-60 and quarter-mile time slightly faster than the Mustang SVO.





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Not too bad looking, the rear is a bit strange though. FWD is a bit odd in a car like this. Overall, I went meh.

I'm so sorry about the lack of polls, it was the end of my semester and I had finals to deal with. I will resume positing regularly.
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Should say RWD… as mechanically it shares everything in common with the “normal” Foxbody Mustang. I probably wrote in FWD by mistake.

Anyway, the Capri is cooler to me then the doctrinaire Foxbody because not only does it look better (to me, at least), but most Capris today are gently kept and not ran to the ground or stupidly modified in the way that Foxbodies are. The Capris also seem free of the stereotypes from what I’ve seen.

Still meh though.
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1979-1986 Mercury Capri/Ford Mustang (Mexican Market)
Mustang only, as the Fox platform Capri was unique to North America, and availability ceased in Mexico after the 1984 model year.
front-wheel drive
the Mexican Market 3rd-generation Mustang from 1979 to 1986 1984 was a rebadged US-spec Capri.
Sort of. It's actually a bit more nuanced than that.

If I recall correctly, the first three years were pretty standard Mustang with few differences. For 1982, the standard arch-flare Mustang shell, in both coupe and hatchback configuration, got the squared off Capri front end instead of the Mustang nose. For 1983 and 1984, coupes continued with the Mustang shell and Capri front end while hatchbacks got the box flare Capri shell with bubble hatch (referred to as "burbuja") and the four-eyed Mustang front end.

This appears to be the only Mexican market Mustang shown. A later car with the Capri shell and hatch, it has Ford badges and the distinctive Mustang beak can just be made out in front.
And since the Capri wasn't available, you can be certain that the rare ASC/McLaren Capri convertible was not.

Here's a Mexican Mustang coupe with the Capri front end (note the arch flare Mustang shell):


Here's a later Mexican Mustang hatchback with the box flare Capri shell and bubble hatch paired with the four-eyed Mustang front end:

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Fox Body for the win!!!

The inner redneck in me gets excited. An absolutely cool car. And you roll up next to somebody with a similar Mustang in your Capri, he who knows, knows he’s not as cool as you.
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In terms of design, for me the bubble end hatch is better than the coupe. I'm balancing between a meh and an uncool.
I'm going with a "high uncool". It's not a very beautiful car, but not as ugly as , for example, the Chrysler Sebring polled some weeks ago.
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SZ for me. That would have been cool to have Mustang with those flares. Imagine the SVO with that body.


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I love the Fox bodies, but not a fan of the bubble hatch.

Still cool.

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Well, "Sub-Zero" will NOT be my call on this one. However, it has a good deal of character to not be "Meh" or worse. So I'm going to call (low) Cool on this one.