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1999-2002 Qvale Mangusta

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Body Stylye: 2dr convertible
Engine: 4.6L Ford V8
Power: 320 hp
Torque: 314 lb-ft
Weight: 1520 kg
Transmission: 5-speed Borg-Warner T45 manual, 4-speed auto
Drivetrain: FR
Country: Italy
Additional Info: Originally planned to be badged as "DeTomaso Bigua" - Designed by Marcello Gandini - "Roto-top" can be put in coupe, targa, or full convertible configuration - 284 produced - Performance and handling were praised at release, as was the roto-top, but sales were slow - Slow sales promped the price to drop by nearly $10,000 USD for the 2001 model year - Mangusta platform later used for the 2003-2005 MG XPower SV


One of the only cars I've ever seen at just a regular, boomer-filled, non-Concours car show that I had no idea what it was. I know it's a bit strange looking, but I can't help but love it. SZ.
Has all the right ingredients but just can't out run ugly and misproportioned. It's 320hp and 1520kgs don't do much for it's TVR-like credentials either. Uncool.
It has some interesting design clues, but it's not really that appealing.
Bonus points for the rarity, but yeah, uncool
There's a lot of design elements at work there, and unfortunately most of them are working against each other. Which is a shame because the chassis was designed by Enrique Scalabroni, who has done a lot of work for both Williams and Ferrari in Formula 1 as well as Dallara, so I imagine that plus rear wheel drive and a V8 would make it a joy to drive. And apparently a Tommy Bahama sponsored one raced in the Trans-Am series in 2000 as well, so it even has a small bit of motorsports history.

I'll have to get it a Meh overall, the goofy looks cancel out all positive marks to me.
Maybe even more than its looks, perhaps it sold so poorly because it used the SVT Cobra drivetrain to deliver SVT Cobra performance (meaning it even required the same recall by Ford to have it actually make its claimed power numbers) and while featuring what might as well be an SVT Cobra interior; to the extent that the parts bin stuff yanked from the SN-95 Mustang were even in the exact same place in relation to each other because the entire dashboard came pre-assembled from Ford and Qvale put different padding on it.



All for only 200% more money.

At least the cars Panoz made put the Ford switchgear and gauges in wild ass TVR-like interiors.
Uncool. Not only does it look like a mutated Fiat Coupe, I could see most everyday people struggling with the pronunciation of Qvale. Is it kuh-VALE? KYOO-vale? K'vale? Qua-vale? That alone sounds quite uncool to me.
Proof that Gandini had lost his touch by the 90s. Not a lot going for it as others had said and not attractive enough to make up for it. Uncool.
I like obscure 90s and 00s sports cars, and this certainly fits the criteria, but it doesn't look all that great. I'd give it a low cool.

But yeah, it's basically a coach-built Mustang, which is interesting in itself but makes the car less special knowing how many parts were sourced.