GTP D1GP S2 : Round 1 (Results Up)

United Kingdom
West Sussex

Welcome to the first round of the Gran Turismo Plant D1 Grand Prix, this week we are visiting Deep Forest Raceway.




• Everyone picks a car to use through out the competition.
• Tuning CAN be changed per different course section.
• Season will last 5 weeks, 5 different sections.
• Entrants will have one week to enter an uploaded video to, sent to me *SammiTougeGirl* by PM.
• The videos will then be posted up, so 3 indipendant judges can score each one.
• Cars will be locked after the first event YOU participate in.
• You can get a max of 20 points per week.
• First place will earn you 20 points, second will earn you 16, third will
get 12, fourth will get 8, fifth will get 4 and 6th and beyond will get a single point.
• At the end of the comp the person with the most points will be
crowned The GTPD1GP Champion.
• Track/section will be stated each Monday
• You have 1 week to do your run.
• Don't be a thread Nazi with spam, or YOUR video.
• Video editing etc. is allowed, but you need to show your tires and
power, and then your run. Your run needs to be on the FIRST lap, so we get
the same angles for EVERY car. NO chase cam, the other one.
• Not following the rules can get you removed from the competition
for that week, with a minus 1 point per violation, this will be for constant
complaining, "put downs", double posting/posting your entry video in this
thread ETC...

• Road cars only, no race or D1GP cars allowed
• No changing your actual car, only rims, wing and setup
(Power/modifications/settings) may be changed
• Tires : Radials only(N)




Entries must be in by midnight on Sunday 24th.

Have fun.:)
so we still havent decided on a scoring system.
total of 100 for everything, 100 being highest? or what?
I'm in! but gosh i don't know if ill be able to send in the first video by tonight (11:59 23/06/07) :(

I'll do my best!
EDIT already submitted in the right section :) sorry.
Please don't tell me deadline passed! I just got to record it tmw morning unless you mean midnight coming around again?
Please don't tell me deadline passed! I just got to record it tmw morning unless you mean midnight coming around again?

lol i was wondering the same thing. Was rather confused on that note. I submitted mine late but I don't know if she'll accept it. It's pending as of now.
I mean midnight tonite so i can put the new rounds up on monday morning.
Welcome Stunt Drifter and pc200sx if he manages to find this thread.:)
My scores will be in tomorrow evening.
I've watched all of em, just have to figure out how I'm going to weight different aspects of this section.
there is no criteria. just 0-100 point scale for everything.
any expereiced judge will look for line angle smoke style and speed and will give an overall score for everything. 100 being a perfect run, the only time youll be scored a 0 is if you dont do the event, or spin etc.
Swift is our last judge right?
I was just going to post the final scores but BL wrote a little piece about each,
so I dont know.
Its funny BLs highest score is lower than Suzukis Lowest.:)