GTP D1GP S3 : Round 5 (Results Up)

United Kingdom
West Sussex

Welcome to the final round of the Gran Turismo Plant D1 Grand Prix we are visiting Grand Valley Speedway.




• Everyone picks a car to use through out the competition.
• Tuning CAN be changed per different course section.
• Season will last 5 weeks, 5 different sections.
• Entrants will have one week to enter an uploaded video to, sent to me *SammiTougeGirl* by PM.
• The videos will then be posted up, so 3 indipendant judges can score each one.
• Cars will be locked after the first event YOU participate in.
• You can get a maximum of 20 points per week.
• First place will earn you 20 points, second will earn you 18, third will
get 16, and so on, leaving eleventh and below with a single point.
• At the end of the comp the person with the most points will be
crowned The GTPD1GP Champion.
• Track/section will be stated each Monday
• You have 1 week to do your run.
• Don't be a thread Nazi with spam, or YOUR video.
• Video editing etc. is allowed, but you need to show your tires and
power, and then your run. Your run needs to be on the FIRST lap, so we get
the same angles for EVERY car. NO chase cam, the other one.
• Not following the rules can get you removed from the competition
for that week, with a minus 1 point per violation, this will be for constant
complaining, "put downs", double posting/posting your entry video in this
thread ETC...

• Road cars only, no race or D1GP cars allowed
• No changing your actual car, only rims, wing and setup
(Power/modifications/settings) may be changed
• Tires : Radials only(N)




Entries must be in by 11:59pm on Sunday 16th.

Have fun.:)
good luck guys....make it enjoyable...👍 please try and include speed on the replays...not a requirement but will be appreciated

To save space I am editing this to respond to Geof below....CONGRATS MAN! I bet your eyes were opened when you started playing gt with the oem controller!
that is a good choice for a last round 👍 : good luck to all :)

for info , this will be the last time i enter playing with analog stick.
i' m actually praticing ( having mad fun ) with the DFP and i hope to be able to enter in a few months...
Well, I have a problem, my computer died yesterday.
So I cant enter this round...
I can still do the results and things round a friends though.
that's bad new sammy...hope you' re going to fix this soon.

i made my run in less than 30 minutes...couldn' t find time earlier in the week :guilty: anyway i have already lost the feel of the analog stick so i'm happy to have something to post 👍 :dunce: :)

and yes DKing !! i' m discovering by myself what i already knew : this damn DFP is a crazy tool to get used to for drifting :banghead: :dunce: now , i'm not able yet to handle my blue supra or any HP monster but i think i 'll give a try next season with an MX-5 or something like that :P
yea that sucks sammi, hope u get it fixed or get a new one witchever u choose... this isn't gonna change the deadline of things will it, i just wish the other rounds we're scored by now:ill:
Crap, I don't know how I missed this(this meaning the videos being up), I will have my scores in by or on sunday for both this round and round 4.
Edit: Wait, who are we waiting on for round 4? I sent my scores in when I said I did in the thread.
Alright, thats good. You will need some new judges for next season, I will try to get with you sometime and help you with that.
if we can get a consistant :D judging system, i'm down to next season.👍 congrats to the people who participated throughout the whole thing, i was a bit busy to finish participating anyways..
Im not sure I want to run a next season,
maybe if we find some new judges...
Maybe me geoff and geetown could be judges,
but then thered be noone competing...
Honestly(and I am not trying to be mean or anything), i'm not sure if either of you three would be suitable for judging. I was thinking, since many older members aren't around or active anymore, that we could hold a "So you think you have what it takes to be a judge" contest and see if anyone can be a competent judge. By this I don't mean just showing some videos and say "Here, from 1-10 judge this video and send it back to me", they would need to go in depth with why they scored what they did, etc.
i dont think i would be a bad judge, i would go indepth and say exactly why i voted what i did... but the truth is i dont want to be a judge i would rather compete and spank everyone:sly:
Good job to all who participated. Congrats to Geetown for the win! And I apologise for the wait.
congrats to Gee again :) : another good season 👍 props to sammy too and anyone who entered and judged this thing : it' s been great 👍

i agree with Gee and suzuki : i would rather ride than judge but i have not the skills for judging good anyway...

i' ll keep an eye around here to see what's next but i am not around the computer as often now...

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