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Aqua GT, nominated by @Michelin Man


Release Date: Europe: December 22 (Dreamcast), Europe: January 26 (PS1)
Platform(S): Dreamcast, PlayStation 1
Developer: East Point Software LTD
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
Genre: Racing

Released at the turn of the century for Dreamcast or PS1, Aqua GT was a boat racing game, which featured a selection of boats, catagorised from, jet-boats, mono-wings, bat-wings and catamarans, with 20 boats in total.

The game features 3 main game modes; Championship, Arcade, and Two-Player. Championship is the games main, single-player campaign mode, whereby the player must progress from the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and ultimately the Champions League. With each league, the boats get faster, and the difficulty harder. Arcade mode is a simple "beat the clock" type format, and two-player is a split-screen, head-to-head battle.

Each of the tracks are set in the canals of various major cities, such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Venice, New York, Amsterdam, and Rhineland. Each track has a high, or low tide variation, and the time of day can also be set between day and night.


Whilst Aqua GT is pretty much unheard of outside of Europe; mind you it's not massively well know in Europe, it was a great game. I'd say it's the best boat racing theme racing game of all time, granted there has not been many :lol:. But it was a very well executed game, and emulated you typical car based racing game, in the way it went about things. And while it wasn't bulging with content, it made full use of what it had, with challenging tracks/canals, very challenging and competent AI, and the environments were very nicely laid out for a PS1 gen game.

Aside from the great variation of boats, one feature I always liked was the qualifying before each race event. Think you got 2 laps, with one hot lap, so you had to make the most it, especially since the AI were very good, and track position was key with the canals being very narrow. The league system was a very neat idea too in the career mode, with you having to win each "league" to progress to the next, so I always thought it was a neat thing.

Anyway, a very strong A from me, for being very fun game to play (and I still play it from time-to-time).
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