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Twisted Metal 2

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Twisted Metal 2, nominated by @ThrasherDBS


Released: October 31st, 1996 (NA), February 1997 (EU), August 28, 1997 (JP), November 13, 1997 (NA, PC)
Platforms: PlayStation, Microsoft Windows
Developer: SingleTrac
Genre: Vehicular Combat

Twisted Metal 2 is the second, and most successful installment in the Twisted Metal series. You pick one of 12 (or 14 if you know the passwords) combatants in a last-man standing world deathmatch tournament. The original game was limited to Los Angeles, however this game brings many locales like Paris, Hong Kong, and even Antarctica. Being the last man standing over the eight grueling battlegrounds will earn your chosen driver a wish. Anything the victor could possibly desire, regardless of the laws of reality.

Many of the complaints on vehicle control from the previous installment were remedied in this game. The special weapons were more diverse and innovative. The battlegrounds were also varied, with a lot of them being dynamic based on the actions of the combatants (blowing up the Eifel tower in Paris to make a bridge to the rooftops, or chunks of the arena in Antarctica periodically collapsing into the sea.)
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Not even touching that one. ^


Twisted Metal 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and one of, if not my most favorite PS1 game. I know I can always go back to this for a great time. I have loads and loads of childhood memories of this game, stumbling on the codes for Sweet Tooth and Minion when I was in second or third grade, and my jaw absolutely dropped when I realized I could do a two player match on the old rooftop level from Twisted Metal 1. The physics feel really fun and responsive, the AI can be a lot tougher than warranted, but it's overall a fun time. Wish they would have brought back Darkside from Twisted Metal 1, but it's overall not a massive issue.

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Very cool game, but also a bit crazy playing it as a kid. I think I had nightmares when I saw Dark Tooth for the first time. Played for hours and hours as a kid, mastering it with my brothers. I played it recently and was terrible at it.