GTP_WRS Week 52 : Focus on the Apex

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GT6 Week 52 : Focus on the Apex

Hotlap Event in Arcade Mode Time Trial

Ford Focus RS '02

Cape Ring Inside

:: Only Open to Qualified GTP_Registered Members ::

:: Members are not obligated to take part ::

Race Details:
  • Mode: Arcade Mode > Single Player > Time Trial
  • Track: Original Circuits > Cape Ring Inside
  • Car Type: Garage/Favorites Car
  • Make: USA > Ford
  • Model: Focus RS '02
  • Power: 227 bhp (after oil change)
  • Weight: 1,050 kg
  • PP: 442
Driving Options:
  • Transmission: Auto or Manual
  • Tires: Sports Medium (Front), Sports Hard (Rear)
  • Driving Line | Traction Control | ASM | ABS: Optional
  • Brake Balance: Adjustment Allowed
  • Active Steering | Skid Recovery Force: Prohibited
  • Tuning: Added Parts Not Allowed. Tuning Prohibited.
  • Custom Paint and Wheels are Allowed.
  • In-Race RA Functions: Allowed As Available. Brake Balance changes Allowed.
Course Settings:
  • Time: N/A
  • Weather: N/A
  • Grip Reduction on Track Edge: Real

Race Specifics:
  • The event MUST be run using your registered account
  • The use of the clutch that is found on the G25, G27, and other high end racing wheels is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the Handbrake is Prohibited.
  • No Contact with walls or other objects. Any contact with walls, no matter how minor, will result in a DQ.
  • Black Tarmac and Red and White Rumbles are Track. Colored Tarmac, such as that found at the exit of turn 3, is not track. The White line is track surface and the boundary at that corner exit.
Steward's Comments:
A nice, quick lap in a very fun FF car this week. This is a car I have wanted to find a place for, going back to GT5. The track fits it like a glove, and you'll be chasing hundredths and thousandths before you know it. Have fun. :mischievous:

Viewing your Time Splits:
  • You need to make sure you save the 'Save Best Lap Replay' (ghost replay), not the 'Save Replay' (See pic below)
  • To view your best lap replay, go to 'My Home' and watch the replay from there using the 'Gallery' option.
  • Live timing monitor does not work properly, so we have to use a small trick to view splits.
  • While viewing your Replay, pause the lap by hitting start, before the end of the first sector.
  • While keeping the replay paused, advance the replay, using the forward arrow on the replay HUD. This will advance the replay to the end of the first sector. That's your T1 split, write it down.
  • Advance the replay again. That will show the lap to date time on the screen, this is your first and second sector time, added together.
  • To post your T1 Splits, simply post the lap to date times that are shown in the middle of the screen. Do not try to calculate the actual T2 split time, the Fetchbot will do that for you.

(Best Lap Replay Icon)

Standard Clean OLR Rules:
  • At Least 2 Tires must be in contact with track at all times.

    • In situations where contact with the track is not possible because tires are airborne (above the ground), then the run is only legal if at least two tires in-line would have made contact with the track if the car were not airborne.
    • If track contact cannot be 100% determined, then consider it dirty.
  • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track.
  • No contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
  • If you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it dirty
  • No hybrids
  • No cheating of any kind,these are relaxed races and we are experienced racers, we know what times can be done,and we can read your mind.We will know.
  • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules

Thread rules:

The following information cannot be discussed in this thread (they can, however, be discussed via other private conversation methods):

  • Total Lap Time
  • Any information which can be used to infer your total laptime

The following information can be discussed in this thread :

  • The first 2 splits: T1 & T2 times
  • Any settings discussion


All submissions must be sent by PM (Subject title: GTP_WRS Week 52 Submission ) to (WRSFetchbot):

  • Then attach your 'Best Lap'/'Ghost' replay in zip file form. Everyone submits a replay instead of listing a lap time.
  • You will need to put something in the message body in order to begin a conversation. It doesn't matter what you put, it can even be 1 letter or symbol. Nobody but the Fetchbot is going to see it, so it's sort of pointless, anyhow.
  • You will get an automated response within 15min, letting you know whether your submission was accepted, or if you had an error.
  • If you have an error, don't panic. Just review the instructions for submission and submit again. If you are having trouble and cannot figure it out, please post your question in the race thread.
  • Users can ask the bot for the current submitted time by sending a message with the Subject: "GTP_WRS Week XX Get Entry" and any text in the body.
  • Users can delete their submitted time by sending a message with the Subject: "GTP_WRS Week XX Remove Entry" and any text in the body.
  • If you want to submit multiple times in the week that is still not a problem. Just reply to the conversation with your new time and new replay. Fetchy always uses the last submitted time as the final one.
  • See this screenshot as an example on how to submit:

  • The deadline is Monday, January 19th 11:59pm GMT
  • If you are unsure of the deadline try this site

Why Use GMT?:

GMT is World Time and the basis of every world time zone which sets the time of day and is at the centre of the time zone map. GMT sets current time or official time around the globe. Most time changes are measured by GMT. Although GMT has been replaced by atomic time (UTC) it is still widely regarded as the correct time for every international time zone.

Replay Checking:
  • Everyone is required to submit a replay for verification. This happens when you submit to the Fetchbot, and the replays will be visible in the leaderboard, once we've reached the event deadline
  • Participants will be expected to check each others' replays for cleanliness, for replays marked in the Results thread as (Check Needed)
  • Video replays are not accepted as a form of verification

Good luck, :gtpflag:
OLR Team
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Adrian, Mich.
Ah yes, this track holds special meaning to me. It is the place where I had my best Seasonal TT finish ever in GT5. I finished 27th, just .400 behind the winner, (@eclipsee if I remember right) in the NASCAR TT event. He helped me a bunch in that event so I really have to credit him for my great finish. I easily put in 10 hours a day, every day, in that event until it was over. :crazy: Ahh, memories of the old days. Ah well, we'll see how it goes this time around, haven't really ran this track that much since them days so we'll see. Thanks @EDK for another great looking event. :)
United Kingdom
Thought I'd try and get first on board for the taster laps. Few laps to get used to circuit with ds3 using auto, it's fun so looking forward to getting on the wheel
Loads of time to be found

Can't see much left, maybe a tenth or two in sector 3, but only a few hundredths in 1 and 2. Hopefully that's a good sign, but I doubt it. :lol:


Edit: 6/9 on the brakes.
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Adrian, Mich.
God I love this place, so many memories of endless hours of running my NASCAR car here. :D Have to give a shout out to @eclipsee again for teaching me how to run this place back then. 👍 Like riding a bike, I haven't forgotten how. First splits.


I can see me doing countless hours again here chasing down the .010's and .001's. :crazy: On a side note, I just noticed my damn brake pedal starting to spike again. :( What a time for that to start acting up again. Might have to do some maintenance tomorrow. But for now, I can see its going to be a very late/early morning....12:30am now and I'm not even considering going to bed yet. :dopey: Good luck everyone. :cheers:
United States
Adrian, Mich.
Is it just me or is GT Planet really slow this evening?


Weak final sector

It seems slow for me also. At first I just thought it was my internet, but it just seems to be this site.
You were not kidding about chasing thousandths. My lap time board at the moment:
+0.044 (yes, identical time)
United States
Adrian, Mich.
You were not kidding about chasing thousandths. My lap time board at the moment:
+0.044 (yes, identical time)

Yep, mine's the same way. :crazy: Time for an oil change now, already done over 250 miles. :crazy:
United States
Adrian, Mich.
EDIT: Alright, I'm done for now. Its after 3:30am and I really need to sleep. :ill: It'll be the only time it happens (me in 1st), so I screen shotted the leaderboard. :lol: Good-nite all and good luck, hope everyone has a great and successful week. :cheers:
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Fantastic combo. Another car you really have to be dental and precise with. But oh that feeling when you float through the corners nicely. First time at this track so still getting my head around it.


Now time to change that oil
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I realized once I started that I've never raced or TT'd on Cape Ring Inside. Plenty of races on the other versions, but this one. I like it. A little slippery car with some decent power. Should be fun and frustrating :) After 20 km, here is what I have so far.

United Kingdom
I just had quick go on this before I head off out, so some times.


Think I might have better times when I do an oil change.


Wow, that doesn't happen very often. I had bunch of 17.6s, most of them were result of successfully cutting across the curb of turn 3.
It does for me :lol: hence why I only submit splits/laps where I'm actually competitive...

Best T1 from memory was a .709, every time I brave those curbs I crash spectacularly into the wall! :dopey: