GTP_WRS Week 54: A Little Tune Up for this Year's 24 Heures du Mans

United States

GT7_Week 54: A Little Tune Up TT for this Years 24 Heures du Mans


Hotlap Event in Time Trial


R18 '16


24 Heaures du Mans race track

:: Open to All GTPlanet Registry Members ::

:: Members are not obligated to take part ::

Overview (How Does This Work?):
  • You must be part of our registry to participate.
  • These are Time Trial Events, we have Online Races here.
  • Set the game up according to the event, car and track details below.
  • Save Your BEST LAP replay before exiting your session.
  • Be sure and run cleanly to the end of the first sector after setting your fast lap. If you exit right away, your time stamp may not show up in your replay.
  • Report your split times in here, so you can compare your pace to other racers, without revealing the full lap time. (Note: this is required if participating)
  • Our leaderboard shows how you stack up during the week, before the deadline.
  • Submit your lap via PM to our Fetchbot, before the event deadline.
  • On deadline day, we will publish the results in our leaderboard and in a thread in this section.
  • Identified replays will be checked by your fellow participants to be sure you meet the event regulations.

Race Details:
  • Mode: World Circuits > Time Trial
  • Track: 24 Heaures du Mans race track
  • Car Type: Garage Car
  • Make: Audi
  • Model: R18 '16
  • Max Power HP: 506 HP (Stock)*
  • Weight: 1,929 lbs. (Stock)*
Driving Options:
  • Transmission: Auto or Manual
  • Tires: Race Medium (front and rear)
  • Driving Line, Cones, Markers: Optional
  • Traction Control | ASM | ABS: Optional
  • Brake Balance: Allowed
  • Countersteering Assist: Prohibited
  • Tuning: No Tuning Allowed: Power and weight are to be stock.
  • In-Race Multi-Function Display (MFD) Functions: Optional
  • Custom Wheels: Not Allowed
  • Custom Body Parts: Not Allowed
  • Paint and Racing #: Livery editor Allowed if available
Course Settings:
  • Time: Optional

Standard Clean OLR Rules (These Apply to ALL Events):
  • The event MUST be run using your registered PSN account.
  • The use of the clutch is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the Handbrake is Prohibited.
  • No Contact with walls or other objects. Any contact with walls, no matter how minor, will result in a DQ.
  • At Least 2 Tires must be in contact with track at all times (See image below).
    • In situations where contact with the track is not possible because tires are airborne (above the ground), then the run is only legal if at least two tires in-line would have made contact with the track if the car were not airborne.
    • If track contact cannot be 100% determined, then consider it dirty.
  • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track.
  • No contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible.
  • If you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it dirty.
  • No hybrids.
  • No cheating of any kind,these are relaxed races and we are experienced racers, we know what times can be done,and we can read your mind. We will know.
  • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the rules.


Race Specifics (Rules for This Specific Event):
  • The outer most dashed White Lines denote Track Boundaries unless backed by Yellow and Blue curbing. Bollards are fair game too.

Steward's Comments:

One of the best driving 24 Heures Du Mans race cars in my opinion. Great balance under braking and while on the throttle. Have fun!!!

Saving Replays, Viewing sector times and Submissions:
  • You need to make sure you use the 'Save Best Lap Replay' (ghost replay), not the 'Save Replay' (See pic below).
  • Before saving your replay ensure that you continue running after completing your fast lap until at least the end of first sector. This will ensure you have a complete replay.
  • To view your best lap replay, go to 'My Library' and watch the replay from there using the 'Replays' option.
  • While viewing your Replay, enter the live timing screen to view your sector splits. You will need to do this after your car has passed the sector markers to see it listed.
  • Simply post the splits that are shown in the live timing screen, and our Fetchbot will parse them and add them together for your total sector time.
  • When saving your fastest lap replay please ensure that you watch the replay to the end and that it displays your full lap time. Any replays submitted that do not show the posted lap time will result in a DQ.
  • Remember - When you submit your time you're also declaring that your run is 100% clean. We request replays for the purpose of verifying to all those concerned that the drivers claim is correct, which in turn safeguards the integrity of the driver, and just as importantly, the WRS. The golden rule is to check your replay before submission. If youre still unsure, check it again, ask for a second opinion and if youre still undecided, run the lap again.

(Best Lap Replay Save)


Thread rules:

The following information cannot be discussed in this thread (they can, however, be discussed on Discord or via other private IM service.):
  • Total Lap Time.
  • Any information which can be used to infer your total lap time.
  • If you choose to Share your Best-Lap Replay via GT7 before the deadline,your full lap time will be considered to be shared publicly which contravenes our rules. Even if you've only shared with Friends.
The following information can be discussed in this thread :
  • The first 6 sectors: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 and T6.
  • Any settings discussion.



All submissions must be sent by PM (Subject title: GTP_WRS Week 54 Submission ) to (WRSFetchbot):
  • Please submit your FULL LAP TIME in the following format on a single line:
  • You will get an automated response within 15min, letting you know whether your submission was accepted, or if you had an error.
  • ?For those of you who were used to submitting replays on GT6, you no longer have the ability to export the files.?
  • If you have an error, don't panic. Just review the instructions for submission and submit again. If you are having trouble and cannot figure it out, please post your question in the race thread.
  • Users can ask the bot for the current submitted time by sending a message with the Subject: "GTP_WRS Week ### Get Entry" and any text in the body.
  • Users can delete their submitted time by sending a message with the Subject: "GTP_WRS Week ### Remove Entry" and any text in the body.
  • If you want to submit multiple times in the week just reply to the conversation with your new time. Fetchy always uses the last submitted time as the final one.
  • The deadline is Monday, May 1st 2023 11:59pm GMT
  • If you are unsure of the deadline try this site.
Why Use GMT?:
GMT is World Time and the basis of every world time zone which sets the time of day and is at the centre of the time zone map. GMT sets current time or official time around the globe. Most time changes are measured by GMT. Although GMT has been replaced by atomic time (UTC) it is still widely regarded as the correct time for every international time zone.

Replay Checking:
  • Division winners and overperformers will be required to submit a replay via the GT7 Share function for verification AFTER Unofficial Results have been posted.
  • Participants will be expected to check each others' replays for cleanliness, for replays marked in the Results thread as (Replay Verify Required).
  • Video/Youtube/Twitch replays are not accepted as a form of verification.

Good luck,
:gtplanet: & The WRS team.
Ok, first stint to get things going:


As always, I chicken out at Porsche. Tackling this right will yield huge gains. Also few mistakes here and there to iron out.

I, ofcourse, assumed that we're running the modern version of the track with chicanes.
And to clarify the rules. Is this by the book?
Some time left on the track, but it's still early:


Do pay close attention to track boundaries in the chicanes, the exit of Arnage (demonstrated by @tmtk above) and especially the entry to Indianapolis, where the inside pavement marking is almost worn away. Those curbs start and end suddenly, and it is very easy to break track boundaries at the ends of the curbing because they're more than a car's width from the markings.

I typically skip time trials at this track because the track boundaries are usually a bit vague. But they seem fairly straight forward for this time trial, so gave it a go. Not the most enjoyable.. felt as though I was hindered by the track boundary and at times, down right punished by them.

Solid white line is track boundary except where backed by rumble strip. And for the sections without a solid outer line, make the green stuff and/or wall the boundary (no contact with walls, of course). Won't completely solve the funky corner after Indianapolis, but it will make the Mulsanne straight drive better than a two lane road.

Some improvement, but there's a lot left still. Good tailwind down Les Hunaudieres, bit troublesome around the chicanes, but it's pushing good.

It has to be said that there is no point running series of laps with this car. Only at the start the electric motor battery is full and it gives huge acceleration in the first sector. There is not enough braking during the lap to charge the battery again. So after you do a good lap or mess up, just "pause" and "retry", because you will always loose at least half a second in the first split while doing consecutive laps.

It is so much better car than the Toyota at the current Deep Forest olympic time trial, no wonder it won so much...

I might be a bit of a merchant when it comes to the Audi R18 '16 and Le Mans, happened to just check in on the combos and yeah I couldn't resist this one. Just using whatever wind I got for the minute but i expect a Hunaudieres tailwind to be worth some time but nothing too crazy due to having to fight back up into it in the 2nd half.
The hybrid, or lack thereof has always made this car a one lap special, great on your outlap for a quick qualy but rubbish in race trim when the 500hp of hybrid is all gone, but even on mediums the car absolutely flies in the highspeed despite its stock setup and is crazy fun to drive, only those low speed traction zones make you work for your money, trouble is there are quite a lot of those.
@tmtk I absolutely despise the GR010 for its ultra low downforce and heavy weight making the car feel not fun at all by comparison to the 875kg/1 million downforce P1H cars, it is not Toyota's fault for building the best LMH but the regulations themselves that made the cars so slow and unwieldy compared to the previous generation of cars.
Normally I hate the track limits here but the car in this configuration sort of forces you to not do anything crazy in the chicanes so its not so bad, only the exit of Arnarge is all that rude.
I'm away from home. Before I left I did a session at Le Mans and improved my time significantly.
Being tired I didn't post my splits right away, I just noted them on the piece of paper.
Thing is I left this notes at home, simply forgot.
I remember my laptime, but there's no way I can remember the splits. So you will have to excuse me, but I will submit my latest laptime without updating the splits that go along with it.
I remember the first one, it was 29.8, the last one was under 3 minutes, but not much.
Sorry about that.

Went and got a better wind direction and just drove it faster. Took longer to adjust to the car than I thought after getting dusted by Hasnain on my earlier splits, but after I figured out why my 'fast' corners were slow on the stopwatch the tenths started to add up.
Still didn't quite get the Dunlop chicane right but the first half of the lap was very strong, only gave away a couple tenths in the second half before admittedly safe-ing the end to lock down a legal lap. I knew I was basically out of time with the long laps and annoying resets, so I'm a bit disappointed with what was left out on the track at the end of a really good lap to that point. Its always foolish to go chasing the 'optimal', but especially so here with 7 sectors, changing wind and 6 different big braking zones with approaching speeds greater than 260km/h (160mph) making hitting all your marks nearly impossible, but I'll always wonder how far it could've gone.

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